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Sujit Choudhry’s Take on Constitution Building

A team of constitutional experts met in Kiev in July to discuss Ukraine’s system of government. Among the experts were Center for Constitutional Transitions director, Sujit Choudhry, Ukraine’s human rights representative, Vladimir Vasilenko, and Thomas Sidelius of Dalarna University among other dignitaries. The workshop was hosted by a number of governmental and non-governmental organizations in Ukraine. The team discussed the challenges that Ukraine is facing because of its system of government.

According to Sujit Choudhry, the challenges faced are due to unstable democratization in the country, which is caused by a number of factors including the fact that the president has too much power and the political parties are weak and cannot challenge the government. He advised that the constitution of the country should be reformed to make the system of government more democratic in order to improve its stability. Sujit Choudhry is an authority on matters to do with constitutional affairs and democracy, and that is why he was called upon to give his insights at the workshop.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a champion of policy-based constitution building and has been an adviser in the constitution making processes of several countries around the world. Some of these include Nepal, Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa, Yemen and Sri Lanka among others. He also gives lectures to the thought leaders in various countries to provide them with guidance on the formulation of policies. More to read on constitutionaltransitions.org.  Professor Sujit has published several books on constitution design and these are used by both students and experts in the field of law.

Read blogs and update with his timeline activities, visit his page here.

Through the Center of Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry carries out research on the laws and policies of different jurisdictions and uses the findings to educate law makers on constitution making. This makes it possible to come up with practical policies and better systems of government. Professor Choudhry is currently a professor at the University of California and uses this platform to educate more people on comparative law.  To keep updated with this recent work, click on researchgate.com.


Sujit Choudhry was happy to take part in the workshop to discuss Ukraine’s system of government. He hopes that his recommendations will be taken into consideration in order to make the country’s government stable. He takes pride in his work and believes that evidence-based law making is the way forward.  For Sujit’s contact info, hit bizjournals.com.

Take a peek at the list of his advisory work, visit http://sujitchoudhry.com/advisory-work/


Sujit Choudhry Explains The CCT

Recently, renowned constitutional scholar and political adviser, Sujit Choudhry, was interviewed by CEOCFO Magazine on a bevvy of issues. Chief among these issues, however, was his organization, the Center for Constitutional Transitions, or CCT. The senior editor for the magazine, Lynn Fosse, started the interview by asking Mr. Choudhry what purpose the Center for Constitutional Transitions fulfilled. Mr. Choudhry, who is both the founder and current director of the group, explained that the organization’s sole and primary purpose lay in collecting and successfully implementing constitutional policy by comparing and contrasting various different constitutions from around the world, both new and old and by consulting ceaselessly with experts in the field from across the globe. The group has partnered with over fifty leading constitutional experts across over twenty five different countries, which well attests as to their acumen.  Check list of his advisory works on sujitchoudhry.com

When asked what it was that led Mr. Sujit Choudhry to fond such a peculiar and unique organization he responded that for many years his primary profession had been as a constitutional consultant, working with clients all over the world to either write up new constitutions or make positive changes to existing ones. He noticed early on that one giant hole of knowledge seemed to be utterly lacking in the field, namely, modern, constantly updated research driven, empirical data concerning the optimal paths to take during constitutional transitions and hence, the CCT was born Ist.  Related reading on constitutionaltransitions.org.

Read blogs and updates on his timeline activities, visit his social media page here.

Mr. Sujit Choudhry lastly addressed the question of what the future holds for both his person as well as his lauded organization. He noted that, very shortly, in the coming Fall months, the CCT was going to be undertaking and likely wrapping up three massive and in-depth research ventures which were drawn up with the aid of the similarly well known International Institute for Democracy. The CCT founder believes this project will yield invaluable insights into such areas as territorial management during constitutional transitions as well as appropriate and effective measures for optimal security sector reform.  To keep up-to-date with his latest work, head over to researchgate.net.

For Sujit’s contact info, visit http://www.bizjournals.com/sanfrancisco/potmsearch/detail/submission/6425776

WIT’s Library is Quite Impressive and Valued Around the World

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a unique institution that’s sole purpose is to serve the international scientific community. Located in the New Forest National Park in England its beautiful surrounding is a catalyst for the knowledge contained inside the campus.

Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary is quite impressive and boasts a variety of subsets beyond it’s core academia articles, such as the WIT astronomy library with around 150 books.

The primary goal of the Wessex Institute is to create knowledge transfers in particular between the academics and professionals of some different businesses.

WIT boasts some professional contacts in no small part due to the professionalism of the library. One of the greatest benefits of the library is the way technology has revolutionized the library. The educational sector now boasts online portals or the WIT Press e-library. No matter where someone resides in the world if they are a part of WIT they can share in the exhaustive source of information with just a touch of their fingertips.

If you want to learn more about WIT, check this out: http://www.businessinsider.com/times-higher-education-best-uk-universities-for-employability-2016-11

Keith Mann: A Man Of Action

Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners has never been shy or afraid to do something in his life. He has always had a very strong conviction and he has always gone the extra mile in certain situations. Some people are just built differently than others and that is the case with Keith Mann. He was built to help out people and be there for them. He takes a great deal of pride in that and he never takes a day off from that. He goes out and he gives it his all, each and every day. He likes to be able to look at himself in the mirror and know that he has done all that he can.


One area that is of extreme interest to him is the Uncommon School Districts. In many ways, the title is fitting for both the students and for Keith Mann. He is an uncommon man in that he goes the extra mile for others and truly cares about them. Not many people are built that way. A lot of people are built to just look out for themselves and not really be concerned with others. Keith Mann is unselfish, however, and is always looking to help people out whenever the chance is there for him.


As far as as the Uncommon School Districts, it is filled with uncommon kids. They are not like everyone else, and they need to be reminded that is a good thing. It means they are special and they are unique. Those are all good traits and qualities to have as a young man or young woman. Keith Mann probably sees a lot of himself in these kids. That is why he goes to bat for them and holds fundraisers for the Uncommon School Districts. This recent fundraiser raised over twenty-two thousand dollars.


Needless to say, that is nothing to sneeze at, and that is a lot of money that can go a long way when it comes to furthering their education and making sure they have the same shot as everyone else to attend college and truly make something out of their lives.

Handy Survives by Implementing Huge Changes Within a Short Time Frame

Many modern startups find that they cannot get their ideas off the ground because of prerequisite financing issues. Handy’s CEO Oisin Hanrahan was in a very tough position when he decided to pivot toward a different business strategy. Handy’s business model is relatively simple. The business finds jobs for cleaners and handymen. It then collects a booking fee. The business got into trouble because of the onboarding process that it uses. These were the costs associated with training new employees.

Oisin’s co-founder had been struggling with him over the direction that they needed to take the business. There were severe concerns over whether the business would be able to grow in the immediate future. There were worries that the niche that they were working in wouldn’t be able to raise enough capital to sustain itself. It wasn’t an issue with their business as much as it was a problem with the nature of the market that they were working in. At the time it seemed that even extremely successful niche markets were failing.

Hanrahan and his co-founder eventually did find a way to help their company survive. They ended up implementing their new onboarding process across every market they were working in. Handy’s ability to spend most of its earnings in the immediate future allowed it to gain a competitive edge within the markets it was operating in. These are usually telltale signs that a business is about to enter into a bubble. That was the case here. Handy’s strong management protected it from a complete financial collapse. The company was eventually able to outlive its biggest competitor. Handy was given a valuation of 500 million dollars at the end of 2015. The company looks strong on the books. It seems to have room for stronger growth in the future. Visit the website https://www.handy.com/services for more info.


How to Choose the Most Suitable Lawyer for Your Case

If you are looking for a good lawyer in Brazil, you need to research properly. The result of any legal case can alter the life of the individual involved. Freedom is at stake when it comes to this kind of case. That is why it is important for you to have the top lawyer or attorney, to win your case. You should look for the one that has traits that shape and define a great lawyer or attorney.


A lawyer with a great standing does not have to be an individual who is loved by every individual; however, he must be a lawyer or attorney who has won countless cases. This credibility will make him a person who everyone knows. It is important for you to pay attention to what your potential attorney has done for other people who faced a legal charge.


Any lawyer or attorney deserves a chance; nevertheless, if you are facing a complicated legal matter, you need an experienced and reputable lawyer to advise and guide you throughout the process. An excellent legal counsel has been through plenty of court proceedings and obtained outstanding outcomes. Displaying these capabilities will take a lot of time and experiences in courts. Once you get professionals who interest you, you can find out more by looking into their profiles.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has gained world wide recognition as a powerful lawyer. He specializes in business litigation and his law firm in Brazilian is one of the most prominent in the nation. He shows a healthy and balanced attitude as he lays his eyes on rivals, match intelligence and provides discussion or points without being worried. As a highly skilled lawyer, Ricardo Tosto is brave and has faced all sorts of court battles.


Ricardo Tosto offers services and representation for clients across all industries with respect to legal disputes in a variety of business and corporate matters. What sets him apart from his peers is his depth of court and negotiation experience, negotiation expertise, and connections to the specialized business litigation courts across the country.

Labaton Sucharow LLP- Leading Litigators in the SEC Program

Labaton Sucharow LLP, a law firm that pioneered a practice of representing whistleblowers from the Securities and Exchange Commission is proud to inform the public that SEC has granted one of its clients over $17 million for unearthing wrongdoing in the financial sector. This recent award is the second biggest that the SEC Whistleblower program has given out since it was established 6 years ago. The SEC program allows whistleblowers to be awarded between 10-30 percent of monetary sanctions received from an enforcement action where sanctions are in excess of $ 1 million. When this threshold has been reached, whistleblowers stand to gain more. The Dodd-Frank Act Wall Street and Consumer Protection Act also forbid employers from retaliating against actions brought by whistleblowers.


The Whistleblower represented by Labaton Sucharow chose to remain anonymous after revealing significant information that resulted in sanctions against a leading figure in the financial markets. SEC does not reveal cases involving input from whistleblowers to prevent exposing their identities.


About Jordan A.Thomas


According to the Chairman of Labaton Sucharow’s Practice, Jordan A. Thomas, who is also a whistleblower lawyer, his client chose to expose the wrongdoing while others in the industry kept their silence at the expense of investors. Thomas forecasts that in the years to come, many of SEC’s significant and largest cases will involve courageous whistleblowers. Mr. Thomas was a former Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel at Enforcement division of SEC and a SEC Whistleblower attorney for the first whistleblower to be awarded under the SEC program. Thomas also played a significant role in drafting the proposed legislation for SEC and the last implementation rites.


Benefits of the SEC Program


The benefits and incentives provided under the SEC Whistleblower Program make it possible for eligible whistleblowers to report violations of federal securities without fear of being revealed and with the benefit of receiving monetary awards. Congress has introduced an Investor Protection Fund with a balance of over $400 million.


With over 50 years experience in SEC litigation, Labaton Sucharov has represented institutional investors, businesses, and consumers in business litigation and complex securities. It was the the pioneer law firm to introduce a practice focused on advocating and protecting whistleblowers who expose securities violations. The National Law Journal’s Plaintiffs’ Hotlist, Chambers & Partners, The Legal 500, and the Benchmark Litigation have all ranked Labaton Sucharow favorably over the years. If you are in need of a SEC Whistleblower lawyer, Labaton Sucharow should be your number one choice.

Why the Brazilian Property Market is Experiencing a Quiet Boom


During the past few years, the Brazilian real estate scene has experienced quite a remarkable recovery. Interest rates have reduced, whereas housing prices have risen. The middle class has equally been making investments in the industry. Apparently, this resurgence has been driven by companies such as Cyrela Realty and Gafisa. These companies have made notable investments in the property market. The government has also instituted housing projects aimed at low-income earners.


What signals the recovery of the sector is the fact that most construction companies behind the resurgence are listed on Sao Paulo’s BM&F Bovespa Exchange. BHG Hospitality Group is one such company. Following the real estate slump, it acquired substantial property along the shores of the country’s northeastern tourist states. With backing from equity firm GP Investments, the company’s real estate portfolio has been flourishing.


Brazil has one of the most lucrative real estate scene at the moment. Residential units in major cities such as Rio de Janeiro are being sold for double the price of similar units in American cities such as Miami and Las Vegas. This housing boom has been buoyed by the government’s decision to provide loans that are below market rates to developers and construction companies such as Construcap. The country is also experiencing its lowest unemployment rate, a fast-growing economy, increased salaries, and a stronger currency.

Construcap is a construction company that was formed in 1944. For more than sixty years, it has established itself as a market leader. Its growth has been based on shrewd management and a relentless development process, which has seen it remain committed to its clients. The company has equally been concerned with the implementation of sustainable projects with respect to the environment.


Construcap is active in both the public and private sectors. All its processes are in strict adherence to the Integrated Management System. The company is equally dedicated to an internal integrity program, which is based on the conviction that good engineering, efficiency and competiveness, and technical capacity are the prerequisites of ethical business practices. There is also a steadfast commitment to a training and capacity building program, which seeks to enhance employees’ skills.  They are a platinum seal award winner, and currently they’re working on building a brand new Fiat factory.

Do Companies Really Need The Services Of A Reputation Management Company?

Many people firmly believe that sticks and stones can break their bones, but words it in self cannot hurt them. While this may be the case for most people in general, the same thing cannot be applied to small and large businesses, in the age of social media.

A prime example of how business can be negatively or positively affected by the words of other people is an explanation which was made by neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin who wrote the book “The Organized Mind”. In his book the author wrote a story about a colleague who was in the process of buying a new car. The college eventually decided that he would purchase a Volvo.

A few months after making this statement, Daniel asked his colleague about his new Volvo. The college responded by saying that he decided not to get it, due to the fact that his brother-in-law told him that he himself had a Volvo and continuously experienced issues with it. Daniel proclaimed that even though his colleague had conducted thorough research on the Volvo brand in general -in the sense that they apparently provided excellent vehicles, which was the primary reason why he wanted to purchase the vehicle- he ultimately changed his mind solely based on the experience of one single person.

Interestingly enough, statistics that where gathered from Nielson demonstrated that 3/4 of baby boomers and millennials proclaimed that online Reputation Reviews influences or social media, affected their purchasing decisions. While 90% of consumers rely and trust recommendations that were given by other people.

Back in the day, if an individual was dissatisfied with a particular service from a company or a product, their voice would be somewhat limited to their circle of friends. But, due to the advent of sites such as Twitter, Yelp and Facebook, their voice has essentially been amplified and one negative experience can be shared amongst thousands of people.

Therefore, in the age of social media, business owners do not have control over the message that’s portrayed about their company, they can only use online reputation management companies to manage it for them.


Madison Street Capital Named a Finalist in the M&A Advisor Awards

The M&A Advisor is an institution that was started in 1998 to offer intelligence and insights on the M&A activities in the United States. Since it was founded eighteen years ago, the organization has worked hard to establish a premier international network of M&A, Finance professionals, and Turnaround. The company has been successful in its activities, and it now has a privilege of presenting and even recognizing all the achievements of corporates and individuals who have proven to be top performers in the several industries in the world. The organization also offers consumers a broad range of services.

Several months ago, the M&A Advisor released a report, stating that one of the Chicago-based global investments banking firm known as Madison Street Capital was a finalist in the fifteenth Annual M&A Advisor Awards. This means that the company might be one of the winners of the awards in November.
The awards from M&A Advisor are internationally respected. The awards represent a pinnacle of achievements, in particular for individuals and companies in the finance department. The awards are given to the top performers in restructuring and financing, deal making, and they also celebrate the achievements and contributions of professionals and firms in the industry.

According to the report from M&A Advisor, Madison Street Capital has been named as a finalist in two categories. The company is nominated for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and also the Global and Industrial Deal of the Year. Madison Street Capital was recognized for the latter because of the significant role it played in facilitating the purchase of Acuna &Asociados. Dowco made the acquisition, and it was led by Karl D’Cunha, the current Senior Managing Director for Madison Street Capital.

Charles Botchway founded Madison Street Capital, and he currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Botchway said that he was pleased that his company was the key player in assisting Dowco, one of the longest clients of Madison Street. Charles Botchway says that his company conducted the transaction in the best way possible, and that is why they were running for the award of Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the year in the international category. The deal makers in the institution had to work very hard across several times zones just to make sure that their client, Dowco succeeded in the acquisitions of the new business. The transaction was quite complicated because it was a cross-border operation, but it turned out just fine.

Madison Street Capital is a respected global investment banking firm that is based in Chicago. Charles Botchway founded the company, and it is committed to excellence, integrity and leadership. The international banking business has done very well, changing the lives of many people and corporations around the globe.

Learn more: http://www.manta.com/c/mb4hqdt/madison-street-capital-advisors-llc