Volunteers Make Wikipedia What It Is

The launch of Wikipedia proved a relatively simple concept could prove exceptionally popular. The internet absolutely had much to benefit from a massively comprehensive online encyclopedia. Within the virtual pages of “Wiki”, anyone interested in learning about a particular topic had to do little more than just search through the site. After all, you can make a Wikipedia page about pretty much anything.

Why did Wikipedia succeed when other online attempts at publishing resource material failed? For one, the site is non-commercial. No one looking through Wikipedia pages has to feel bombarded with advertisements or obnoxious come-ons for products or services. Wikipedia also has a communal feel since the site encourages and accepts volunteers to write and edit Wiki pages. The army of volunteers who invest their time on Wikipedia come from the readership, which allows for better kinship between those creating and managing the pages and those who peruse them.

Tens of thousands – no exaggeration – volunteer Wikipedia editors work on the site content. The massive amounts of edits performed by the volunteers have a cumulative effect. An editor who is very skilled at editorial tasks and consistent with his/her editing rubs off on others. All of this activity leads to an incredibly healthy and robust online community. The good work of volunteers has a tendency to motivate others to contribute their best as well when they make or edit a Wikipedia page.

Anyone looking at the potential promotional benefits of Wikipedia may draw inspiration from these great volunteers. A well-written and solidly edited and maintained Wikipedia page has great value for branding and subtle advertising. Of course, the process has to be done right. Wikipedia does have clear rules about what can and cannot be noted in its text. Writing a glowing biography is fine. Writing blatant sales pitches or making harmful and/or incorrect Wiki edits is not. Anyone who is not sure about what types of content should be written in the pages of Wikipedia should give Get Your Wiki a call.

Get Your Wiki is home to its own staff of editors and writers. They perform work for those who sign service agreements and purchase services from Get Your Wiki. Their intended purpose is to produce great Wikipedia content for those in need of it. Regardless of the reasons for creating the Wikipedia page – commercial or non-commercial – these skilled professional Wikipedia editors for hire are going to perform a solid job. And they can stay on top of the page to make sure no unhelpful third-party edits undermine the content. In short, Get Your Wiki can do a fine job and be of great assistance.