Why the Brazilian Property Market is Experiencing a Quiet Boom


During the past few years, the Brazilian real estate scene has experienced quite a remarkable recovery. Interest rates have reduced, whereas housing prices have risen. The middle class has equally been making investments in the industry. Apparently, this resurgence has been driven by companies such as Cyrela Realty and Gafisa. These companies have made notable investments in the property market. The government has also instituted housing projects aimed at low-income earners.


What signals the recovery of the sector is the fact that most construction companies behind the resurgence are listed on Sao Paulo’s BM&F Bovespa Exchange. BHG Hospitality Group is one such company. Following the real estate slump, it acquired substantial property along the shores of the country’s northeastern tourist states. With backing from equity firm GP Investments, the company’s real estate portfolio has been flourishing.


Brazil has one of the most lucrative real estate scene at the moment. Residential units in major cities such as Rio de Janeiro are being sold for double the price of similar units in American cities such as Miami and Las Vegas. This housing boom has been buoyed by the government’s decision to provide loans that are below market rates to developers and construction companies such as Construcap. The country is also experiencing its lowest unemployment rate, a fast-growing economy, increased salaries, and a stronger currency.

Construcap is a construction company that was formed in 1944. For more than sixty years, it has established itself as a market leader. Its growth has been based on shrewd management and a relentless development process, which has seen it remain committed to its clients. The company has equally been concerned with the implementation of sustainable projects with respect to the environment.


Construcap is active in both the public and private sectors. All its processes are in strict adherence to the Integrated Management System. The company is equally dedicated to an internal integrity program, which is based on the conviction that good engineering, efficiency and competiveness, and technical capacity are the prerequisites of ethical business practices. There is also a steadfast commitment to a training and capacity building program, which seeks to enhance employees’ skills.  They are a platinum seal award winner, and currently they’re working on building a brand new Fiat factory.