Why Thor Halvorsson Uses Political Troublemakers for His Causes

Thor Halvorsson, Venezuelan human rights activist, has produced powerful films that document individual liberty and public policy issues. Thor Halvorsson differs from many other human rights activists because he loves people and adopts a positive vision of the future.

In addition, he loves befriending political troublemakers and bringing them into his causes. According to Weekly Standard, Thor Halvorssen likes giving dissidents in society voices to protest injustices caused by tyrant dictators. He acts as a director for his activists and coaches them on effective ways to speak out against issues, such as writing about inhumane child labor practices or drawing cartoons of evil dictators. He believes that the dissidents are unafraid to go against society when it is necessary.

Halvorsson is the director of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). He built the non-profit organization to work on freeing people worldwide from injustices. HRF is staffed by 12 workers who cover important issues facing all nations and uses political prisoners to bring attention to their causes.

HRF also organizes the Oslo Freedom Forum, a group of conferences across the world, as a way for prisoners of conscience to exchange ideas on social justice and expose the cruelties of dictatorships. Many reporters specializing in human rights news have recognized the annual forums as must see events where dissidents speak out without hesitation.

Thor does not use celebrities to spread his messages. Instead, he uses the media and public forums to speak out against injustices. He also exposes celebrities who earn millions of dollars for private performances to tyrants to demonstrate their lack of principles and tarnish their public image. He also does not like to use businessmen to further his cause, because he feels they are only out to make a profit.

The Human Rights Foundation’s latest mission is to free the Korean people from generations of cruel dictatorships that have led to famine and brutal imprisonment for minor crimes. Halvorsson plans to use his troublemakers to put a spotlight on these civil rights atrocities, so significant changes can be made.