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Explosive Claims Made By Former Police Association Head, Delagnes, Against Chief Gascon

In a sworn declaration, former president of the Police Officers Association, Gary Delagnes, submitted assertions to the blue-ribbon task force. The district attorney, George Gascon, set up the task force to probe allegations of homophobia as well as racism against the police department.
According to Delagnes, attorney Gascon was close to the police union that he is currently criticizing. In addition, he was unconcerned about the diversity in the police department. Gascon also made racially disparaging comments during a booze-fueled evening occasion with the union leaders.
Chief Gascon testified before the panel that the police union adversely affects the ability of the chief of police and the police commission to actualize reforms. Delagnes tendered his declaration eight days after Gascon’s submission. He served as the POA president for 9 years. He also spent 25 years in the force prior to retiring.
Delagnes recalls a 2010 dinner that he had with Gascon, current president Martin Halloran, and another union representative. The dinner was held during a police leadership forum in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the Harvard Law School. Delagnes notes that chief Gascon drunk heavily and began reminiscing his time with LA Police Department during that dinner. Gascon made a number of statements that angered minorities. Gascon became animated and so loud. An African American patron requested him to control himself because his acts were offending his family.
In an interview, Hallaron complimented Delagnes’ claims. Alex Bastian, spokesperson for the district attorney’s office, did not make a direct response to Delagnes’ charge when presented with a print of the sworn declaration. However, he noted that Delagnes’ imagination compensated what he lacked in credibility.
Through a statement, Delagnes revealed that he decided to speak about the issue after getting to know what Gascon had told the panel. Gascon said that he was concerned about the present state of the Police Department more than the time when he was chief. He served as the chief of the police department between 2009 and 2011. According to Delagnes, Gascon may have had issues with the officers and leaders when he headed the department. Additionally, he noted that Gascon’s public comments were different from how he conducted himself during his tenure as the police department’s chief.
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The Former Police Leader Gives a Detailed Account against George Gascon

On 2 March 2016, the SFGate reported about various declarations made by Gary Delagnes, who is the ex-head of the Police Officers Association. He asserted that George Gascon was highly undisturbed with matters concerning the Police Department during his time as the chief of police. Further, he revealed about the racially inappropriate comments made by Gascon during a night out with various union leaders, where they got drunk.

George Gascon, the District Attorney, formed the blue-ribbon task force in a bid to investigate the facts about various allegations made about the police department, which concerns homophobia, misconduct, and racism.

Delagnes Account
Delagnes statements were issued after Gascon had appeared before the blue-ribbon panel. During his appearance, Delagnes revealed that the police union interferes with the capability of a Police Commission or a police chief to put to effect the necessary reforms.

He narrated about a dinner in 2010, which included the Martin Halloran, the current president of POA, George Gascon, and a police union representative. During this time, they were attending a leadership forum for the police union that was planned by the Harvard Law School. In addition, he gave an insight into how drunk Chief Gascon was during the dinner.

He also reported to the panel about Gascon’s discriminatory statements, which he made during the dinner. According to him, Gascon was loud to the point that an African American client approached him in a bid to contain the situation since Gascon’s assertions were offensive to his family.

Further, Delagnes reported that he shared frank conversations with Chief Gascon on various occasions. He said that Gascon did not state in all those functions about gender, racial and sexual discriminations in the San Francisco Police Department. He also claimed not to remember Gascon taking any initiative to boost the diversity status within any department or level of the SFPD.

During an interview, Martin Halloran also supported the statements made by Delagnes but failed to give a detailed account for supporting him citing that Delagne’s account was self-explanatory. Delagnes also neglected to go into deeper details stating that he would do so upon being summoned by the blue-ribbon panel.

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