Brian Torchin: President of HCRC Staffing

A licensed and practicing chiropractor, Brian Torchin has experience with the difficulties the medical industry has in filling jobs. In 2007, Brian founded HCRC Staffing with the goal of helping medical professionals of all experience, from technicians and medical office staff to doctors and nurses, find jobs.

Brian knows that without education in the job search, medical employment seekers can get burnt out. Brian and his company provide job counseling to help medical professionals find their preferred specialty which, otherwise, can take years. He and his company want to prepare as many people as possible.

Staffing is important to Brian. He understands that medical professionals want a useful service which will make it easy to find job opportunities. Each job candidate at HCRC is reviewed and approved to ensure that the client receives the best possible employee. This process builds long term relationships with clients.

He is very serious about the happiness of his clients and is often at the center of the job placement process. With a client base of 200, Brian Torchin works with various groups and organizations that are involved in healthcare. He believes that it is important to keep up on trends in the healthcare industry and help hospitals and clinics find the most qualified staff while staying within their financial budget.

Brian Torchin is committed to helping quality workers find quality jobs at their experience level and providing better opportunities for healthcare professionals. Brian established HCRC to give hospitals and clinics a staffing agency that can quickly place quality people and give everyone who come to HCRC a great chance to find the job they hope for.