The Amazing Results of Wen by Chaz Hair Cleansing Conditioner

One of Wen By Chaz customers, Emily McClure a professional in beauty and fashion recently tried out the Wen products and saw the need to share the experience and the outcome of the one week experiment. Having not used any of the company’s products before, she had her doubts, however, was willing to give these amazing products a try. After a long day’s work and traveling she went back home and began the washing.
Emily had purchased from Total beauty the Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner from the Wen hair by Chaz line of products. The usage as per the instructions was 10-16 pumps of the conditioner for short hair and up to 32 pumps on longer hair. Emily has long fine hair, so she decided to apply the correct amount. Rubbing it gently into her hair and scalp, she felt her hair thicken, and amazingly, she did not witness any hair fallout.

Upon blow-drying her hair, it produced a bouncy straightened hair with a beautiful glow that amazed her. However, on the following days, she felt bored with the daily morning routine. She says that her hair got greasy, and she also experienced a dry scalp. But after cleaning with Wen cleansing conditioner, the situation was corrected. On the seventh day, her hair got back to its bouncy, shiny look and her work colleagues praised how amazing her hair was. She took photos of the amazing results; check out the photos as well as the original article through this link:

Emily recommends this product for those who wash their hair every morning. Founded by Chaz Dean Wen, the company specializes in the production of hair shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer all in one package, available at Sephora. Chaz attended cosmetology school after developing an interest in hair beautification from his previous career in photography. He borrowed from the skills he acquired while working at different hair and beauty companies in the US.

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