Norka Luque: The Success Story of a Talented Musician

The music industry has experienced a fast-paced growth over the past few years. Although many artists ventures into this competitive industry on a regular basis, only a few of them establish prosperous careers in music. Norka Martinez Luque, a prominent US-based Venezuelan musician, believes there is no magic formula for succeeding as a musician. Apart from talent, Norka Luque believes determination, hard work, and perseverance are essential virtues for building a successful music empire. She originates from a blessed family and country full of adventures, experience, people of diverse origins, and multi-cultural beliefs. Therefore, Norka knew music was her destiny and a way to bring a beautiful message of hope to the people.

Music career advance

Norka not only loved singing, but she had a strong passion for music. She enjoyed participating in singing competitions and on most occasions, she was victorious. Upon completing her high school studies, Norka moved to France to transform her dream of attaining higher education into a reality. She enrolled for a Business Administration. Most of her time, Norka was thinking about music. The talented singer decided to join a rock band to revive her music passion. The band created a platform for her to perform on different events and interact with other professionals in the music industry. Norka completed her higher education and attained degrees in Fashion, Marketing, and Culinary Arts.

Career highlights

The talented singer relocated to the United States and began taking singing lessons. One of her best moments is when she met Emilio Estefan, a successful music producer and an entrepreneur. She presented a music project to Emilio and hoped for the best. The next week she joined Emilio and Gloria Estefan at the Crescent Moon Studios. Upon listening to the music project, Emilio sensed that he could make Norka a star. However, he instructed her to continue with the singing lessons for discipline creation.

Dealing with a personal predicament

In 2007, Norka experienced a severe personal predicament that made her gain excess weight. She moved swiftly to counter the crisis that was posing a threat to her music career by hiring a personal trainer. After a period of working out, therapy, and dieting, Norka was able to lose 32 kilos of weight. She shares a personal trainer with the likes of Beyoncé and Shakira. Apart from a constant work out, she is also a tennis player. She recorded the song MILAGRO to inspire people dealing with the personal crisis.

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