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Eric Pulier’s Career in the Computer Industry

Eric Pulier always has been interested in computers, and he first began programming them as a child. He was proficient with computer programming as a fourth grader, and he started his own computer programming business in high school. When he finished high school, he went to Boston to attend college. He holds a degree from Harvard, but he also has taken courses from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

When he moved out west, to Los Angeles, his career as a corporate leader began. While there, he started multiple companies in the computer technology sector. The name of his first company was People Doing Things. While this company was quite successful, he soon went on to start his second business enterprise. His new company, Digital Evolution, is still a widely known company. This company provides software to other businesses. Digital Evolution has grown, and it has changed names a couple of times. It is currently called SOA Software. As time went on, he continued to found more companies, such as Desktone.

He has done a lot of philanthropy. One very well known philanthropic effort is his assistance with the creation of an online community for children that suffer from diseases. This community, called Starbright World, has grown quite large and has helped many chronically ill children to connect with one another. He’s also made quite a few donations to philanthropic organizations, and he sits on a number of non-profit boards.

In addition, Eric Pulier is well known for the book he helped to write. This book has sold quite well both online and offline. Understanding Enterprise SOA has helped many companies to improve, and it is likely to be of assistance to many more businesses in the future.

@Facebook: Eric.Pulier

Find Out How To Turn Lime Crime In A Lucrative Business

Doe Deer founder of Lime Crime, says that her line of cosmetics is fun and creative. Most women want a makeup line that is reasonably priced and great for their skin. Lime Crime is clinically safe and a great alternative for someone that wants to take a bold step with their cosmetic choices. Their colors are bold and vibrant and transfer perfectly from a day to night look. Visit the official Lime Crime website for more details.

You can purchase Lime Crime discreetly online from Amazon, and have it shipped right to your door. Their models wear Lime Crime products on different skin tones to show how they look on various skin types. Their makeup line inspires you to try different clothing styles to match their bold colors. In fact, Lime Crime offers a unique array of clothing and accessories to compliment your look. They have their available sizes and products clearly listed on their website. Never worry about trying to order a product that is sold out. Customers get placed on a back order list and when your product is available you’re notified right away by email or phone.

Lime Crime literally exploded over night because many women couldn’t believe the ease and style of cosmetics that they were able to buy from their line. Doe Deere was inspired by her love for colors when she was a child. While dressing up she wasn’t satisfied with the makeup products that were available and said that she would have her own makeup line when she is an adult. Today, customers have the benefits of a wonderful cosmetic line that dares you to be brave. Wear rich bold colors that will impress your friends and inspire them to be creative. If you’re interested in more details visit the colorful easy to read and navigate Lime Crime website for more details. Find a bold new look with Lime Crime.

Darius Fisher Accepts A New Indsutry Award

Winning an award in the public relations industry is never easy. One reason is succeeding with a startup in a crowded industry is elusive, which makes it hard for a lot of new arrivals to stand out. Darius Fisher launched his PR/Digital Marketing/Reputation Management firm Status Labs only about four years ago. The company has proved to be massively successful.


This is why PR World has chosen to name Fisher “Business Development Individual of the Year”. The “Gold” award issued by PR World is an extreme honor. Very few people can claim to have received the award. Few can boast of Fisher’s massive success running his business. Successful is a word that aptly describes both Fisher and Status Labs.


Darius Fisher has garnered some nice press thanks to various media appearances and interviews. His work at Status Labs, however, is what helped him get the most attention – and deservedly so.


Darius Fisher landed on the Innovation 50 list of PR Week and this, not surprisingly, has given him and Status Labs a lot of good PR. In order to receive a mention on the Innovation 50 list, a person has to have done something both very unique and very successful in the world of digital marketing. Fisher’s career accomplishments absolutely fit those descriptions.


Fisher continued to draw attention and build on his accomplishments. In 2015, Darius Fisher spoke to a significant crowd of marketing professionals at the Impact15 three-day convention held in Las Vegas. Fisher spoke on the topic of Google search results and he made a strong connection between branding and search engine results. The search engine results must be nothing less than supremely positive or else a company might suffer some serious unwanted branding troubles.


The PR World Award adds another great feather to Fisher’s cap. More are sure to come. Follow Darius on Twitter @fisherdarius to learn more.