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Eric Pulier’s Career in the Computer Industry

Eric Pulier always has been interested in computers, and he first began programming them as a child. He was proficient with computer programming as a fourth grader, and he started his own computer programming business in high school. When he finished high school, he went to Boston to attend college. He holds a degree from Harvard, but he also has taken courses from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

When he moved out west, to Los Angeles, his career as a corporate leader began. While there, he started multiple companies in the computer technology sector. The name of his first company was People Doing Things. While this company was quite successful, he soon went on to start his second business enterprise. His new company, Digital Evolution, is still a widely known company. This company provides software to other businesses. Digital Evolution has grown, and it has changed names a couple of times. It is currently called SOA Software. As time went on, he continued to found more companies, such as Desktone.

He has done a lot of philanthropy. One very well known philanthropic effort is his assistance with the creation of an online community for children that suffer from diseases. This community, called Starbright World, has grown quite large and has helped many chronically ill children to connect with one another. He’s also made quite a few donations to philanthropic organizations, and he sits on a number of non-profit boards.

In addition, Eric Pulier is well known for the book he helped to write. This book has sold quite well both online and offline. Understanding Enterprise SOA has helped many companies to improve, and it is likely to be of assistance to many more businesses in the future.

@Facebook: Eric.Pulier

Why Thor Halvorsson Uses Political Troublemakers for His Causes

Thor Halvorsson, Venezuelan human rights activist, has produced powerful films that document individual liberty and public policy issues. Thor Halvorsson differs from many other human rights activists because he loves people and adopts a positive vision of the future.

In addition, he loves befriending political troublemakers and bringing them into his causes. According to Weekly Standard, Thor Halvorssen likes giving dissidents in society voices to protest injustices caused by tyrant dictators. He acts as a director for his activists and coaches them on effective ways to speak out against issues, such as writing about inhumane child labor practices or drawing cartoons of evil dictators. He believes that the dissidents are unafraid to go against society when it is necessary.

Halvorsson is the director of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). He built the non-profit organization to work on freeing people worldwide from injustices. HRF is staffed by 12 workers who cover important issues facing all nations and uses political prisoners to bring attention to their causes.

HRF also organizes the Oslo Freedom Forum, a group of conferences across the world, as a way for prisoners of conscience to exchange ideas on social justice and expose the cruelties of dictatorships. Many reporters specializing in human rights news have recognized the annual forums as must see events where dissidents speak out without hesitation.

Thor does not use celebrities to spread his messages. Instead, he uses the media and public forums to speak out against injustices. He also exposes celebrities who earn millions of dollars for private performances to tyrants to demonstrate their lack of principles and tarnish their public image. He also does not like to use businessmen to further his cause, because he feels they are only out to make a profit.

The Human Rights Foundation’s latest mission is to free the Korean people from generations of cruel dictatorships that have led to famine and brutal imprisonment for minor crimes. Halvorsson plans to use his troublemakers to put a spotlight on these civil rights atrocities, so significant changes can be made.

Eucatex: Innovation, Sustainability, and Social Growth Specialists

Eucatex is a company that started manufacturing and selling ceiling lining and insulating material from eucalyptus fiber in 1951. In the Brazilian civil construction market, these products were utilized due to their thermal and acoustic insulation properties. During the company’s growth, it expanded to countries outside of Brazil. At the same time, they added paints to their product line. By the end of the 1980’s, Eucatex was exporting to more than 50 countries. The company’s business developed rapidly and currently provides products for furniture manufacturers and various sizeable groups in the civil construction industry. In order to safeguard its source of eucalyptus wood, Eucatex has continuously aligned itself to the development of its planted forests.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Eucatex, Flavio Maluf, the eldest son of politician, Paulo Maluf, focuses on innovation and investing heavily to launch new products in the industry. Flavio Maluf has a strong belief in technology, especially for our youth in education. Being a family man who is married with two children, he is a sound proponent of parents and educators realizing the enjoyment that technology assists in the educational achievement in youths’ lives. Flavio Maluf additionally takes delight in involving himself in charity events and volunteering to contribute to the local community and has served in various committees in legislature.

In addition, Flavio Maluf writes many articles regarding many facets of business. He has reported on the merger between Pfizer and Allergan and highlighted how the union of Dow Chemical and Dupont will create a giant in the chemical industry. He has presented the correlation of various films and documentaries that provide tips for individuals to think about the financial market. He described the purchase of Jaden Corporation by Newell Rubbermaid. Flavio Maluf has also delivered some points to for entrepreneurs to consider when transitioning from a local market to internationalizing a business.

With the innovation and knowledge that Flavio Maluf brings to the table, Eucatex has grown into the state-of-the-art company it is today. With offices and plants all over the world, Eucatex continues to use natural resources in a sustainable manner to generate highly productive renewable forests, with competitive costs, and promoting social growth.

Why Does Duda Melzer Help Fund New Startups?

Duda Melzer has been great about helping new startups get the money they need because his family company also runs e.Bricks Ventures. The company wants to give awards to companies that need them, and he also is the CEO of RBS Group where they offer communications plans for every new customer in the country. The company has been in his family for a long time, and the company is in a good position to offer better options for every new customer and potential employee.

Potential employees are in a good position to join a very affluent middle class, and they can have very rewarding careers at RBS Group once they get started. Someone with ideas bigger than a regular job can come to e.Bricks Ventures for help, and they will be able to fund the projects that they need to complete. It is a lot easier for people in Brazil to start their own companies when they believe that they can get the funding they need, and it is also very helpful for them to feel like they can succeed because they have support.

The support that they get from e.Bricks Ventures also comes in the form of a relationship with Duda Melzer and his family. He believes that he can help people see their dreams come true, and he knows that a lot more people will be able to help Brazil grow with their new companies. His company is going to be there to help the people when they need money for a business, need a new plan for communication or need a better job. RBS Group and Duda Melzer really are the best people for prosperity in Brazil. Duda Melzer has been prepared his whole life to have this job, and now he wants to make the most of it.



The Vision of Bob Reina and Talk Fusion


You may have heard about Bob Reina and Talk Fusion, the communications company that offers a video service for every aspect of communication. Communication is at the helm of all we do, but we often fail to communicate effectively. What is about Talk Fusion that we can use to better our everyday lives? Just imagine if you could use video for all of your communications every day in every way. Would it make your life and work easier?

The mantra of Talk Fusion is “Change your life, follow your dreams.” This is a great and positive mantra, that should influence the lives of others at all times. What if you could be a part of a company that offered you an opportunity designed to not only educate you but to change your life as a business opportunity and pay you instant commissions? More than 90% of people are unhappy in their careers, which means that Talk Fusion is a great opportunity.

The innovative approach and creation of what Talk Fusion offers is simple. Talk Fusion offers video communication, making company meetings and getting back to your customers easier and faster. The great news is that you don’t have to be satisfied with where you are or what you’re doing. You can reach for more, and you can work for more. If you aren’t happy with the life you’ve lived, now is your chance with a company like Talk Fusion.

Bob Reina, the Founder of Talk Fusion knows what this is like. Bob’s goal was to make the company about people rather than about tools and resources. His goal was to connect people by using those tools and resources that he created. Bob wanted this video marketing to influence and enhance the connection and productivity of companies everywhere, and that is exactly what Talk Fusion has done.

Bob’s expertise comes from his background with technology and using it to influence how business is conducted on a daily basis. This instant pay commission plan was the first ever to exist in network marketing which makes Bob a top competitor with his company.


Kyle Bass Says China’s Bond Market Is Freezing

China has a three trillion dollar bond market. Kyle Bass believes that market is freezing up, and quickly. He also believes that by the end of 2016, things like the bond market’s steady icing will result in a stock market implosion which will force China to devalue their currency, and thus drop the US economy by about eighty percent.

Bass is likely right that poor lending practices in China will lead to economic implosion within the next several years; but he seems to have jumped the gun on this one. Bass started predicting gloom and doom for China back in the fourth quarter of 2015. Here it is July of 2016, nearing August very rapidly, and as yet China hasn’t taken the dive Bass predicted. And he committed himself with numbers, too; though they’re not terribly egregious ones. Bass said there was a “Forty to fifty percent” likelihood of a stock market recession in China forcing a currency devaluation by the end of the year. That’s less than binary, which helps explain his following statement: that China’s economic implosion would very likely happen within the next “two to three years”.

The reason Bass is saying these things probably has a lot less to do with altruism than it has to do with investments Bass has made which he can’t unmake. He’s betting on China’s decline, and has billions tied up in that bet. China has yet to decline as he has hoped. Though the bond market does seem to have frozen, as yet the proof-laden pudding is nowhere to be found, and it could be that Bass is again utilizing one of the many clever market manipulation tactics he’s employed over the years.

According to UsefulStooges’ article, Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler, Bass supports socialistic despotism in Argentina via collusion with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, the woman running the country and responsible for defaulting it twice over thirteen years. Bass also started CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which uses public sympathy to force price drops among pharmaceuticals such that their stock accordingly diminishes, and he can short sell his holdings. It makes more sense that Bass is working an angle with China, considering his history, than anything else.

New Coriant CEO Is Dynamic And A Great Match For The Companies Goals


After spending time working with the senior management team of Marlin Equity Partners as their Operating Executive, Shaygan Kheradpir has been named the new Chairman and CEO of Coriant. The company is excited and confident in their new leader’s capabilities because of his decades of experience in the telecom, technology and financial services industries. Kheradpir has used strategy, insist, and focus in his approach to the many projects he’s spearheaded in his 28 years of experience. Coriant is sure that these characteristics will help Keradpir lead them to new levels of growth and opportunity. The company already experiences revenue of a million dollars a year, but because of the potential for growth in the competitive market of optical systems vendors Coriant expects revenue to increase and business to thrive under the guidance of their new CEO because of his experience working in high positions of executive management with such accomplished companies as GTE, Verizon Communications, and Barclay Bank.

An alumni of Cornell University Shaygan Kheradpir has a Ph.D, a masters, and a bachelor’s degree in engineering and has used his education to reach the levels of success that he has. From leading the team at Verizon that innovated and established the company on a path towards fresh ideas to reestablish the brand as a leader in cutting edge technology options to helping to develop the groundbreaking and highly regarded fios infrastructure, Kheradpir’s experiences and accomplishments are all a part of a storied career that suits Coriant well.

Coriant is a telecommunications company with headquarters in Germany and the United States. They operate in over 100 countries and specialize in telecom; selling the hardware and software that powers voice, data, and mobile networks. Coriant supplies these products to 9 out of 10 of the companies ranked as tier 1 network providers, and is proud of their position in the market. They also are convinced and confident that their business will only grow through the development of new products and services that will make them the best option for networking solutions in the industry. They want to continuously provide their clients with dynamic opportunities to increase profitability, capability, and efficiency, while providing businesses and consumers with reliable and constant technology capable of navigating the ever evolving applications they use on a day to day basis. Coriant understands its position as the backbone of the networks that a global society relies on to operate and communicate and therefore strives to be excellent in every part of the job that they do.

Read further at http://www.lightreading.com/optical/packet-optical/kheradpirs-coriant-comeback/a/d-id/718548 for more information.

Highland Capital Management hires Linda Owen

James Dondero is a brilliant name within in the finance industry. He entered the industry in the early nineties when he founded Highland Capital management. The company created award winning financial products throughout the nineties, including CLOs, hedge funds, and other incredibly popular products. Today, Highland Capital is a Dallas icon and they are making their investors a great deal of money. James Dondero is proud of his accomplishments, but now he is focusing on giving back to the Dallas community that gave him so much.

Highland Capital Management has a large charitable giving wing, but the giving has become difficult to manage. James wanted the company to give their money in the most efficient manner possible, and he has spent the last year looking for a talented person to head the charitable giving wing of his company.

Linda Owen is an extremely talented woman. She is a popular civic leader throughout the Dallas community. She has worked on several projects throughout her time in Dallas, but she is especially proud of her time as President of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Owen is a brilliant mind, and Dondero thought she would be a welcome addition to the Highland Capital Management family.

Linda will become the charitable giving manager for the firm. She will work with The Dallas Foundation, who currently administers the charitable giving fund, to ensure that money is spent wisely. Adding Linda to the team will allow Highland to expand their charitable giving in an organized manner.

Highland Capital cares deeply about improving the lives of these around the world, especially those in the Dallas community. Highland gives generously to organizations within the Dallas community that support veterans’ causes, healthcare, and education. The company has also given generously to the Perot Museum, the George W. Bush presidential library, and the Dallas Zoo. Highland’s leadership team also gives their time generously. They regularly offer their advice to local charities.

Highland Capital Management is an amazing name throughout the financial industry, but they want to give back. Hiring Linda Owen will help the company reach out to charities throughout the Dallas area.

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John Goullet: Changing the IT World, One Day at a Time

When it comes to someone like John Goullet, you are talking about the Principal Executive of Diversant, which is one of the most innovative and exciting companies out there, without a shadow of a doubt. With their IT staffing and their work in the IT world, they are truly changing the world day by day. Not only that, he is changing the lives of those he works with every day. He is truly committed to his job and gives it one hundred and ten percent. That is not just a cliche. It is the truth. That is how everyone operates at Diversant and why they have been able to be such a successful company.

On their website, you will see the motto: “Empowered by difference.” In today’s day and age, everyone is afraid to be different. They want to be like everyone else and they want to fit in and not get any unwanted attention for doing things outside-the-box. John Goullet and Diversant are all about outside the box thinking and doing things in a different way. They pride themselves on that and it is a point of emphasize on their leadership and advisory board, which John is a proud member of, as they work together, hand-in-hand, and they try to come up with the best solution to each and every problem that comes their way.

John is a problem solver after all, having run his own company in the past, which looked for solutions for Fortune 500 companies. These are a highly reputable companies that has relied on John for his wisdom and his insight. No matter what type of obstacle is thrown his way, he is ready to handle it, defeat it, and take it on with great gusto and conviction. That is the type of man he is and that is why he is so proud to be working for a company like Diversant that does things differently and looks for IT staffers that are not afraid to take chances. You can’t be afraid of failure. That is part of life. The key is how you respond to it.

Darius Fisher Accepts A New Indsutry Award

Winning an award in the public relations industry is never easy. One reason is succeeding with a startup in a crowded industry is elusive, which makes it hard for a lot of new arrivals to stand out. Darius Fisher launched his PR/Digital Marketing/Reputation Management firm Status Labs only about four years ago. The company has proved to be massively successful.


This is why PR World has chosen to name Fisher “Business Development Individual of the Year”. The “Gold” award issued by PR World is an extreme honor. Very few people can claim to have received the award. Few can boast of Fisher’s massive success running his business. Successful is a word that aptly describes both Fisher and Status Labs.


Darius Fisher has garnered some nice press thanks to various media appearances and interviews. His work at Status Labs, however, is what helped him get the most attention – and deservedly so.


Darius Fisher landed on the Innovation 50 list of PR Week and this, not surprisingly, has given him and Status Labs a lot of good PR. In order to receive a mention on the Innovation 50 list, a person has to have done something both very unique and very successful in the world of digital marketing. Fisher’s career accomplishments absolutely fit those descriptions.


Fisher continued to draw attention and build on his accomplishments. In 2015, Darius Fisher spoke to a significant crowd of marketing professionals at the Impact15 three-day convention held in Las Vegas. Fisher spoke on the topic of Google search results and he made a strong connection between branding and search engine results. The search engine results must be nothing less than supremely positive or else a company might suffer some serious unwanted branding troubles.


The PR World Award adds another great feather to Fisher’s cap. More are sure to come. Follow Darius on Twitter @fisherdarius to learn more.