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Preparing For The Next Phase Of Shared Office Spaces in NYC

For the past few years, co-working has become very popular. As of right now, there is a plan to move forward for the next phase of growth. There has been a startup boom which has been the result of the changed economy. For one thing, co-working spaces offer a lot of new aspects of working culture to the individual. This is something that the real estate market has been gaining from it’s new sub sector which is experiencing a lot of growth and expansion. It has been hiding right in view for the past few years. However, people are beginning to notice these co-working spaces and begin to see the benefits that the culture is offering people.

One thing that co-working spaces like Workville have to offer that is different from the traditional workplace is the new business model. There are three characteristics that define the co-working space business model. For one thing, there are different offices, desk spaces, and businesses sharing the same floor. Also, the work space is a lot different from the traditional environment of the shared office space. There are plenty of other features for the business model which include moving in and out at short notice.

Another thing to look at is the strong business relationship between the creators. Business owners actually cooperate with each other as opposed to competing with each other. In places like Workville, strong relationships are formed. Also, the environment is a lot different from other workplaces. As a result, people actually look forward to working as opposed to experiencing the dread on the night before the work day. As people come to know more about this newer way of working, they will get to experience the advantage that they missed from the other forms of work. Concerning shared office space opportunities in New York, Workville is definitely one place that is worth trying for freelancers and other alternative workers.

Thor Halvorssen’s Fight Against Tyranny

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist of Venezuelan and Norwegian descent. His name might evoke images of the hammer-wielding, mankind protecting, Norse God of thunder and Halvorssen is known for living up to that name.
According to Time.com, the 40-year-old established the HRF in 2005. The organization focuses on the freedom and rights of human beings across the globe. Thor is an enemy of any and all dictators as he believes everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, expression, and association. The Human Rights Foundation fights for liberty in the world’s most threatened areas, hoping to bring freedom from exile, torture, slavery, and coercion to all.
A “classical liberal”, fighting for human rights is in his DNA. Thor’s paternal grandfather, a consul to Norway’s king during World War II, diverted all of Norway’s merchant ships to Venezuela for protection during the war. A fistfight with several Nazi soldiers failed to deter him. Thor’s mother, a descendent of Venezuela’s first president, was wounded when a peaceful protest came under fire from government security officials. His father was tortured and almost murdered while incarcerated on trumped up terrorism charges in Caracas. Thor Halvorssen led the campaign for his release and his father became a director at the International Society for Human Rights.
“I love people” Thor has emphatically said. The people he surrounds himself with share his passion for equality and his bravery when it comes to facing adversaries. Garry Kasparov, Russian chess master and sworn enemy of Vladimir Putin, is chairman of HRF. He was detained and beaten by Russian police after protesting a band’s arrest. The band was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for writing an anti-Putin song.
Halvorssen himself was detained and brutalized by Vietnamese police. He was captured after sneaking into a monastery to conduct an interview with the patriarch of a banned church. Luckily, his cameraman was able to avoid authorities while concealing the video card.
Thor Halvorssen is not your typical activist. He is a midnight oil burning, get your hands dirty type of individual who won’t stop fighting for what he believes in.

Why Does Duda Melzer Help Fund New Startups?

Duda Melzer has been great about helping new startups get the money they need because his family company also runs e.Bricks Ventures. The company wants to give awards to companies that need them, and he also is the CEO of RBS Group where they offer communications plans for every new customer in the country. The company has been in his family for a long time, and the company is in a good position to offer better options for every new customer and potential employee.

Potential employees are in a good position to join a very affluent middle class, and they can have very rewarding careers at RBS Group once they get started. Someone with ideas bigger than a regular job can come to e.Bricks Ventures for help, and they will be able to fund the projects that they need to complete. It is a lot easier for people in Brazil to start their own companies when they believe that they can get the funding they need, and it is also very helpful for them to feel like they can succeed because they have support.

The support that they get from e.Bricks Ventures also comes in the form of a relationship with Duda Melzer and his family. He believes that he can help people see their dreams come true, and he knows that a lot more people will be able to help Brazil grow with their new companies. His company is going to be there to help the people when they need money for a business, need a new plan for communication or need a better job. RBS Group and Duda Melzer really are the best people for prosperity in Brazil. Duda Melzer has been prepared his whole life to have this job, and now he wants to make the most of it.



How To Successfully Keep Up A Positive Online Reputationc

When you have a business, the things that people say about your business online are very important. In fact, it’s crucial that you keep up with your reviews. Positive reviews can help your business to succeed, and they can be very effective at drawing in customers. Unfortunately, negative reviews are even more powerful. Negative reviews have the ability to cause drastic reductions in the profitability of your business. A very small number of bad reviews can cause serious problems for your business, and even one can have a significant negative impact. Luckily, it’s possible to keep the effects of negative information about your business from causing problems for you.

Nowadays, there are companies that can assist business owners to keep a good online reputation. These businesses are known as search engine reputation management companies. These companies operate by using professional strategies to give the bad reviews low search rankings, and this limits their visibility. They also sometimes take measures to get the bad reviews to go away entirely, but it isn’t always possible to get bad reviews taken down. However, with the right search engine reputation management professionals working for you, you can make it so that the good reviews are far more likely to be found than the bad ones. In addition, it is also important to find professionals to assist you with the management of your social media presence. This is an extremely important part of your online reputation, as well.

Fix Search Results is a company that offers online reputation management services. The company is very well known for their high quality services, and they provide services to a very large number of different businesses. They have been reviewed very well, and they offer services that are quite affordable. Furthermore, Fix Search Results has been used to improve the online reputations of major corporations. They also are quite easy to get in touch with, and it is possible to get in touch with them directly from the website.

Duda Melzer And His Family’s Successful Business

Duda Melzer is an individual that is very well known and loved in the country of Brazil. Duda Melzer is the president and the chairman of Grupo RBS. Grupo RBS is a very well-known media conglomerate. Apart from being the president of Grupo RBS, Duda Melzer is also the chairman of eBrix. EBIX is also very lucrative digital investment company. Duda Melzer is a member of many different boards with very well-known foundations in the country of Brazil.

Duda Melzer went to PUC-RS and graduated with a degree in business administration. Later on, he moved to the United States and he was able to get his MBA at Harvard University. Duda Melzer began his career working in the United States. Duda Melzer was able to successfully learn English and Spanish, and both of those languages have greatly helped him in his career. Duda Melzer worked as a consultant for Booze Allen Hamilton; he went on to work at Delfi, and he also was the Director General of Boxtop Media. Duda Melzer continued on with the legacy of his family business, and in 2015 he was chosen to be on the list of Leaders at the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise.

John A. Davis was a big influence for Duda Melzer, because he was an expert when it came to family business, and he was able to give him professional advice. Duda Melzer has been able to use his professors advice, and he was abl + Add New Category e to implement strategic concepts in his family’s business.

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Laidlaw & Company Highlight the Importance of Legal Studies

It’s common knowledge that the law can be a complex topic. But understanding it in theory often pales in comparison to seeing that reality in action. This is highlighted by a recent case involving Brian McDonough and Sands Brothers & Co. McDonough had won the case and the ruling stated that he was entitled to more than half a million dollars as a result. However, being legally entitled to that money is a somewhat different thing than actually having it in hand. They were also in the process of working with other legal issues, any of which might further deplete their available funds. This resulted in an offer of a lesser settlement for McDonough. Many months later he was finally able to receive the full amount he was due, $664,217.

However, someone with less understanding of legal matters and finance might not have been so lucky. People on the outside often take implied situations or intentional vagaries of language at face value. While trained legal professionals are able to read between the lines. But sometimes an education on the subject will also create overly pessimistic worries which have little chance of actually occurring. In the case of Sands Brothers & Co. people have some concern that existing assets might be funneled to another brokerage dealer. This would allow them to honestly state lack of existing funds. In this instance the primary concern revolves around assets being moved to Laidlaw & Company. 

With any subjective matter it’s important to go with personal feelings. And I can say that this necessitates balancing factual assessment and emotional experience judging character. On a factual level, I think that current NASD regulations speak for themselves. These regulations are in place to prevent any firm from transferring more than 25% of their assets for any reason. And given that the nature of the legal proceedings it seems quite improbable that they’d risk even that. Let alone going over that amount. But additionally there’s the character of Laidlaw & Company to consider.

I think it’s fair to say that people can often get a good sense of a company’s policies and ethical positions by how the people at the top present themselves. In the case of Laidlaw & Company, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern go above and beyond to establish their presence within the site. Information about them, even pictures of them, are readily available. It’s clear that they take pride in their company and want to both associate themselves with it, and the company with their own image. To me, there’s few things that say more about a company than honest people at the top who take pride in their ethics and responsibilities.

The concerns that Laidlaw & Company might be a successor are an understandable mistake based on some naming similarities in the past. It’s an easy mistake to make, given that they were formally called Sands Brothers International Ltd. I’ve found that coincidences usually don’t serve as very good material to base decisions on though. People who look at the companies presentation and reputation will see that Laidlaw & Company is a solid and ethical group with a pristine history.



Goettl Offers Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Summer Heat

I was happy to come across a piece from Goettl about all the things that I need to pay attention to when it comes to my pets, a big part of my family, in order to ensure that they are happy and healthy this summer too. One of the biggest things is to bring pets inside where it is cool when the temperature rises faster than the body can cool off. A home or other building that is cooled with air conditioning is best for pets of all ages. In addition to being in a cool place, keeping them off surfaces that get hot, like the pavement or metal surfaces is essential. Like our skin, their paws can burn when they make contact with hot surfaces.

Goettl Air Conditioning Provides Tips for Protecting Pets from the Heat

As you head into summer it is important to give pets all the help they need to help them reduce the effects of the sun and heat. Sunscreen is beneficial to pets that have light fur and exposed skin, especially around the ears and nose. Grooming dogs that have a lot of hair helps maintain their body temperature and reduce overheating when the temperature rises. Remember, pets do not maintain their internal temperature in the same way we do, so a clean source of water, water for them to play in, shaded spots, or just indoors are all ways in which you can help them.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a local HVAC company that works within the Las Vegas community to bring residents and businesses complete and competent services. Started in 1939, the business came to the Nevada area in the late 60s.

Goettl is able to provide HVAC technicians that are well trained in their field and operate with integrity, building a sense of trust with their clients. Goettl continues to expand because of its great service and reputation.

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Highland Capital Management hires Linda Owen

James Dondero is a brilliant name within in the finance industry. He entered the industry in the early nineties when he founded Highland Capital management. The company created award winning financial products throughout the nineties, including CLOs, hedge funds, and other incredibly popular products. Today, Highland Capital is a Dallas icon and they are making their investors a great deal of money. James Dondero is proud of his accomplishments, but now he is focusing on giving back to the Dallas community that gave him so much.

Highland Capital Management has a large charitable giving wing, but the giving has become difficult to manage. James wanted the company to give their money in the most efficient manner possible, and he has spent the last year looking for a talented person to head the charitable giving wing of his company.

Linda Owen is an extremely talented woman. She is a popular civic leader throughout the Dallas community. She has worked on several projects throughout her time in Dallas, but she is especially proud of her time as President of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Owen is a brilliant mind, and Dondero thought she would be a welcome addition to the Highland Capital Management family.

Linda will become the charitable giving manager for the firm. She will work with The Dallas Foundation, who currently administers the charitable giving fund, to ensure that money is spent wisely. Adding Linda to the team will allow Highland to expand their charitable giving in an organized manner.

Highland Capital cares deeply about improving the lives of these around the world, especially those in the Dallas community. Highland gives generously to organizations within the Dallas community that support veterans’ causes, healthcare, and education. The company has also given generously to the Perot Museum, the George W. Bush presidential library, and the Dallas Zoo. Highland’s leadership team also gives their time generously. They regularly offer their advice to local charities.

Highland Capital Management is an amazing name throughout the financial industry, but they want to give back. Hiring Linda Owen will help the company reach out to charities throughout the Dallas area.

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The Career Achievements Of James Dondero


Keith Mann Is Seeking To Increase Number Of College Graduates

The Director of Dynamics Executive Search, Keith Mann, has started a new scholarship fund to help deserving lower income youth become successful college graduates. He has dedicated up to a maximum of $5,000 annually to be awarded to one lucky senior high school student attending Brooklyn’s Uncommon Charter High School. He has named it the Keith Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. He reviews application submissions for the scholarship at the end of February, every year.

Students applying for the scholarship must include a thousand-word essay, giving their detailed plan to use the money to further their career plans, starting with a successful college life. The Uncommon school has 44 chapters in 2 states: New Jersey and New York. There are a total of 14,000 students attending them. There have been instances where Mann has spent his own personal time, mentoring high school students. He is exceptionally dedicated to higher education.

Dynamics Executive Search was founded by Keith Mann and he has branch offices for the company in not only the U.S., but also in Europe and Asia. Many of the executive positions at large corporations that the company fills are in the area of Finance. He find and grooms the best and fills the openings with highly qualified candidates. He has been very successful in this business for the last 15 years. Mann lives in Brooklyn, New York. Joe Frick is one of the Counselors at the Uncommon school, who has said that he is quite elated with Mann’s generous contributions to the school of both his time and money. Frick voiced excitement about the possibility of better college graduation outcomes for the students at the school, because of this scholarship.





Darius Fisher Accepts A New Indsutry Award

Winning an award in the public relations industry is never easy. One reason is succeeding with a startup in a crowded industry is elusive, which makes it hard for a lot of new arrivals to stand out. Darius Fisher launched his PR/Digital Marketing/Reputation Management firm Status Labs only about four years ago. The company has proved to be massively successful.


This is why PR World has chosen to name Fisher “Business Development Individual of the Year”. The “Gold” award issued by PR World is an extreme honor. Very few people can claim to have received the award. Few can boast of Fisher’s massive success running his business. Successful is a word that aptly describes both Fisher and Status Labs.


Darius Fisher has garnered some nice press thanks to various media appearances and interviews. His work at Status Labs, however, is what helped him get the most attention – and deservedly so.


Darius Fisher landed on the Innovation 50 list of PR Week and this, not surprisingly, has given him and Status Labs a lot of good PR. In order to receive a mention on the Innovation 50 list, a person has to have done something both very unique and very successful in the world of digital marketing. Fisher’s career accomplishments absolutely fit those descriptions.


Fisher continued to draw attention and build on his accomplishments. In 2015, Darius Fisher spoke to a significant crowd of marketing professionals at the Impact15 three-day convention held in Las Vegas. Fisher spoke on the topic of Google search results and he made a strong connection between branding and search engine results. The search engine results must be nothing less than supremely positive or else a company might suffer some serious unwanted branding troubles.


The PR World Award adds another great feather to Fisher’s cap. More are sure to come. Follow Darius on Twitter @fisherdarius to learn more.