The Wessex Institute Is Spreading Scientific Discoveries

Every year the Wessex Institute of Technology hosts several conferences. The conferences take place a different city and country every year and they take place throughout the year, although mostly during the northern hemisphere’s summer months. The Wessex Institute supplements the conferences with other things like publishing and research. Once conference that was held by WIT for the sixth year in a row was the SAFE conference. More specifically, the conference covers security and safety engineering. In 2015, the conference took place during the beginning of May in Opatija, Croatia. At the conference, systems safety, modeling and experiments, human factors and security surveillance systems were all covered, as well as several other topics. There were also several invited presentations by people like Generik Reniers from the University of Antwerp, Andrea Galbiati from Politecnico di Milano and Fabio Garzia from the University of Rome.