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Shea Butter and Its Variety of Uses

Shea butter has long been regarded as something that helps dry skin, but there are many uses for this, including minimizing stretch marks and scars along with skin regeneration. Shea butter is made from nuts from the Shea tree and is an off-white or ivory-colored fat extract that can give you long-lasting skin moisturizing benefits. It can also be used as a base for lotions and lip balm and can even be used in food products.

Naa-Sakle Akuete founded EuGenia Shea that produces pure Shea butter for all of these purposes. This company was named after EuGenia Akuete whose own midwife who delivered her used the raw, unrefined Ghanaian Shea butter for many purposes in her career. EuGenia decided to share this product with others and formed a business to do so. With the help of hundreds of farmers, many of whom were mothers themselves, Eugenia’s business grew and she is now an acclaimed expert in the business.

EuGenia Shea contains vitamins A and E and provides all day skin moisture. You can either give this as a gift or keep for yourself. You can choose to add your favorite scents also to the Shea butter and specialize it to your liking. You can order a cute little gift set containing four tins in different colors and scents from EuGenia Shea that you can mix and match yourself.

To see Eugenia’s entire line of shea butter products, be sure to visit https://www.eugeniashea.com/.

John Goullet: Changing the IT World, One Day at a Time

When it comes to someone like John Goullet, you are talking about the Principal Executive of Diversant, which is one of the most innovative and exciting companies out there, without a shadow of a doubt. With their IT staffing and their work in the IT world, they are truly changing the world day by day. Not only that, he is changing the lives of those he works with every day. He is truly committed to his job and gives it one hundred and ten percent. That is not just a cliche. It is the truth. That is how everyone operates at Diversant and why they have been able to be such a successful company.

On their website, you will see the motto: “Empowered by difference.” In today’s day and age, everyone is afraid to be different. They want to be like everyone else and they want to fit in and not get any unwanted attention for doing things outside-the-box. John Goullet and Diversant are all about outside the box thinking and doing things in a different way. They pride themselves on that and it is a point of emphasize on their leadership and advisory board, which John is a proud member of, as they work together, hand-in-hand, and they try to come up with the best solution to each and every problem that comes their way.

John is a problem solver after all, having run his own company in the past, which looked for solutions for Fortune 500 companies. These are a highly reputable companies that has relied on John for his wisdom and his insight. No matter what type of obstacle is thrown his way, he is ready to handle it, defeat it, and take it on with great gusto and conviction. That is the type of man he is and that is why he is so proud to be working for a company like Diversant that does things differently and looks for IT staffers that are not afraid to take chances. You can’t be afraid of failure. That is part of life. The key is how you respond to it.

The Manse On Marsh Provides An Ideal Retirement Experience

The decision to retire is not always one that is easy. Many people want to retire but realize they need to have a place to retire to that is right for their needs. An old house may be too large and too expensive to keep up. The house may be located in a colder climate that makes it hard for a senior to get around. In that case, it helps to spend time doing research in order to locate the right place for their retirement needs. One place that has been the right choice for many older people is The Manse on Marsh. This elegant space offers comfortable living right on the grounds of a facility that has much to offer all guests who choose to stay here.

Just Right For The Active Senior

Being a senior does not mean letting go of being active. On the contrary, many seniors find they are more active as they get older. This is why the Manse on Marsh can help. Here, seniors will find a wide array of activities that allow them to keep in shape. The area’s pleasantly mild climate is just right for all who seek a space that allows them easy access to the outdoors for much of the year. Living in this facility means that seniors can hike, bike and run throughout the year or just sit outside on the facility’s roof and admire the view across the hills here as they sip their morning coffee.

Varied Housing Choices

Many seniors want to have privacy. This is why they may find it pleasing to have access to a facility that lets them do just that. An older married couple can have the option of their own private space where they can entertain children and grandchildren as well as any visitors who come by to see them. The numerous housing options here are all about allowing all residents the opportunity to find one that fully meets their needs and any budget they may have set. This can be the ideal arrangement for a senior who cherishes their personal space.  Follow them on Twitter for more, or do your own research on the Manse blog.  There’s also a contact page online for further inquiries.

The Rise of Coworking Spaces

There are a ton of coworking spaces being made. Among the examples of coworking spaces are Google “Campus”, and NextSpace. Some people would be reminded of 15th century Italy with the renewed interest in art and knowledge. Among the activities that were carried out in those spaces were the instruction of young artists by some of the more seasoned artists in the field. These new coworking spaces are carrying out a similar purpose for people in various fields and places. People are quickly discovering the value of these coworking spaces. These are quickly becoming the method in which people fulfill their goals.

Among the coworking spaces that are available is Workville, which is stationed in New Yotk City. The company not only inspires creativity, but it also fosters comfort with people. The place is designed and treated like a 5 star hotel. A lot of thought and work has gone into the building of this area. The creators have made sure that the building is made of all of the high quality material that they could find. Not only does the place loo good, but it also holds a lot of durability. Among the spaces that Workville has that are worth checking out are open deks, lounge areas, cafe, and other areas where people hang out. They are also made with white marble brings forth a lot of value as well as encourages creativity in people that use those spaces.

Coworking spaces are quickly becoming recognized for what they can offer people who have goals that they are trying to reach. Shared office space is one way for people to reach their business goals and also teach and help others who share similar interests. One very important ingredient for people to achieve their goals is action. People also need the tools in order to pursue whatever dreams they have and bring them to life. The coworker office spaces are very helpful for anyone who wants to give them a try. They are also good places for aspiring professionals to meet and talk with each other in order to bounce ideas off of each other.