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John Goullet: Changing the IT World, One Day at a Time

When it comes to someone like John Goullet, you are talking about the Principal Executive of Diversant, which is one of the most innovative and exciting companies out there, without a shadow of a doubt. With their IT staffing and their work in the IT world, they are truly changing the world day by day. Not only that, he is changing the lives of those he works with every day. He is truly committed to his job and gives it one hundred and ten percent. That is not just a cliche. It is the truth. That is how everyone operates at Diversant and why they have been able to be such a successful company.

On their website, you will see the motto: “Empowered by difference.” In today’s day and age, everyone is afraid to be different. They want to be like everyone else and they want to fit in and not get any unwanted attention for doing things outside-the-box. John Goullet and Diversant are all about outside the box thinking and doing things in a different way. They pride themselves on that and it is a point of emphasize on their leadership and advisory board, which John is a proud member of, as they work together, hand-in-hand, and they try to come up with the best solution to each and every problem that comes their way.

John is a problem solver after all, having run his own company in the past, which looked for solutions for Fortune 500 companies. These are a highly reputable companies that has relied on John for his wisdom and his insight. No matter what type of obstacle is thrown his way, he is ready to handle it, defeat it, and take it on with great gusto and conviction. That is the type of man he is and that is why he is so proud to be working for a company like Diversant that does things differently and looks for IT staffers that are not afraid to take chances. You can’t be afraid of failure. That is part of life. The key is how you respond to it.

Quality Financial and Business Needs

The economic and financial world is massive, and includes many companies that span a virtual ocean of space. Unfortunately, not all of these companies are reliable or organized in the work that they do, which are both areas of focus that VTA Publications gets right. VTA Publishing is a non-fiction publisher of distance learning applications that primarily focus on finances and economics, although they also develop products from other genres as well.

Jim Hunt, a financial miracle worker and investment professional, is leading VTA Publishing into new levels of financial growth. Hunt is able to predict valuable information on the progression of monetary gain over a period of time and use that information to receive an understanding on projected company profit, and the future of VTA Publishing is turning out to look very profitable indeed.

The company offers professional support from trained customer service representatives meaning that if you require any assistance or are having any problems with their products, VTA Publishing is able to meet your needs. With a friendly and hardworking staff, VTA offers reliability and support that is unparalleled.

The long standing goal of VTA Publishing is to provide cutting edge information to their customers, and they do so through production of easy to understand products which are developed by top performing professionals in their field. Expert advice is often pricey, especially if you are attempting to find information on methods to generate capital. VTA Publications products are fairly priced and meant to help businessmen, entrepreneurs and other individuals who are just starting out, making this company a wonderful support system.

Whether you are a fledgling business owner looking for professional advice or mentorship without the mentor, or an experienced professional who is seeking alternative methods to their trade, VTA Publishing has the information you are seeking, offers excellent support for those services, and can offer them all to you for a marginal and fair price.

Healthcare Recruitment Counselors Are Vital In This Era Of Reform


As the population continues to expand, the need for healthcare workers has never been greater. Many hospitals and clinics around the country are simply ill equipped to deal with a variety of staffing issues, which is why the need for healthcare staffing agencies has become apparent. Such agencies are responsible for hiring a qualified pool of labor that can step into nearly any healthcare related setting and provide assistance as needed. Without them, many facilities would simply cease to function as a severe staffing shortage is simply not an option.

As the president of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors LLC, Brian Torchin understands this reality well. Having worked in a variety of healthcare related endeavors along the east coast, he is well versed in understanding the unique staffing related issues that continually impact healthcare facilities of all sizes. Based on this knowledge, Torchin saw a need in the industry to provide an outside agency that could recruit the best talent of healthcare workers and supply them to facilities on an as needed basis.

Because of his efforts, facilities throughout Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and beyond all benefit from an enhanced and professional labor pool. As a graduate of the University of Delaware, Torchin has a degree in Sport Medicine and Physical Therapy. He is highly qualified in his new role as healthcare staffer given his earned status of a Licensed Chiropractitioner. Through the years, this has led him into such diverse genres as the financial services industry, hospital medicine, job coaching, and recruitment.

Healthcare Recruitment Counselors is now able to provide staffing needs in all 50 states. They handle the interviewing and hiring process. Clients can rest assured that the personnel they get will be professional and experienced. This claim can be made due to Torchin’s extensive experience in many aspects of the healthcare industry. His singular focus in on the recruitment of a qualified and capable labor pool that can fulfill the staffing needs of today’s contemporary healthcare facility.  See his current job postings online.

The Outstanding Shaygan Kheradpir


Having named a standout amongst the most capable workforce into the arrangement of their organization, Coriant hopes to yield better execution. Shaygan Kheradpir succeeds the previous president and CEO, Pat DiPietro. Shaygan is surely understood for his endless learning in regards to telecoms, propelled advances and also his relationship with substantial endeavors. Shaygan has had various top posts with large organizations. He once worked with Jupiter Networks as the CEO. His position did not keep going long, but rather his striking qualities prompted a critical change; created exceptionally instrumental operations arrangement which requested the lobbyist financial specialists and supported their yearning to contribute.

Shaygan’s agreement as the official VP and boss data officer at GTE assumed an amazing part in extending his qualities. He effectively took an interest in the formal executive that included executing strategies for exceptionally significant changes. One of this projects incorporates the Fios program in the US which brought about a high capital speculation. His position as an innovation officer manages that he was well acquainted with the sought after and mechanically propelled strategies required for progressive advancement.

Various reasons draw in Shaygan to Coriant Company. One of the top reasons is that Coriant situated itself as an undertaking concentrated company interested in vast clients and bearers. This helps their odds of building an effective reputation of being the essential supplier of parcel optical frameworks. Another reason is that Coriant, which has been winning extraordinarily, manages the significant clients particularly universal bearers, for example, Telia Sonera International Carrier (TSIC). Coriant is. Hence, a dependable organization and Shaygan pronounces that his principal undertakings will be to meet the administration suppliers transport arrangements, give huge scale server farm and assemble cloud frameworks. He additionally focuses on overhauling the portable backhaul to oblige to 4G and 5G organizations.

Shaygan has been working intimately with Coriant’s senior administration group as the chief consultant. He consequently and fits and in this manner will altogether add to the development of the organization. Coriant is in this way exceptionally confident that its techniques for development will come to fruition during Shaygan’s administration. He will be an overseer of Coriant’s extensive resources and furnished with astounding qualities we hope he can deliver. Coriant anticipates an enhanced arrangement of operation which will keep boosting its current name and picture.

Check out Shaygan Kheradpir on LinkedIn for more info.

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation CFO Kevin Seawright Partners with Summer Youth Employment Plan to Connect Students with Summer Jobs

Students in Newark, New Jersey will have an easier time securing summer employment thanks to a new program launched by New Jersey’s premier economic development agency, Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (NCEDC) headed by CFO Kevin Seawright. In February 2016 a press release detailed the logistics of the program and explained how Mr. Seawright hopes to connect students with employers for summer internships and jobs.

The partnership between NewarkWorks and NCEDC CFO Kevin Seawright streamlines the process through which students apply for summer jobs with the Summer Youth Employment Plan. Employers in the Newark area offer jobs to youth through the plan and agree to pay at least minimum wage for the six week duration of the program. In addition to employment opportunities the Plan also offers extracurricular training in financial literacy, on-the-job training and college preparation. Instead of going through a six week application process, students can now apply online which significantly shortens the time line for hiring for both employers and students. Mr. Seawright has also made efforts to increase the number of jobs available to students from 3,000 to 3,500 for summer of 2016.

About CFO Kevin Seawright:
Kevin Seawright serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC). Seawright spent 10 years in open administration before transitioning to the private sector. During this time he served as Chief Financial and Facilities Officer in Maryland and helped the Department of Parks and Recreation to stabilize its budget and secure and administer over $50 million in subsidizing funding. For these accomplishments he was awarded the Innovative and Leadership Talent Award as well as Fiscal Operator of the Year.

Seawright has since transitioned into working in the private sector where he brought his administrative innovation and excellence to Tito Contractors in Washington, D.C. He continued to oversee yearly spending plans and help refine operational quality and efficiency. Seawright believes firmly in giving back to his community and did so by serving as Director of Operations at Collington Life Care Community. His commitment to the Newark CEDC is part of his commitment to give back and only one of the ways in which Seawright is utilizing his administrative experience and talent.  Read a great interview where Seawright talks about his achievements on LocalTalkNews.

Brad Reifler’s Newest Advice For Investors

Reuters.com has recently released an article featuring Brad Reifler and his top five tips to help you invest successfully and intelligently. These tips can be applied to anyone, no matter what your budget is.

Part of Brad Reifler’s concern is the college community, as XRepublic has reported before. There are plenty of studies and facts that address the overwhelming amount of student debt that exist within the United States. Another concern for Brad Reifler is the opportunity for the majority of the American public to invest. The majority of the American public is very limited on what opportunities there are to invest in and Brad wants to change this. With such an honest desire to help the majority of Americans and the understanding of how the American public needs help, Brad Reifler’s tips are that much more valuable, and they’ve gained him a ton of Twitter followers.

Brad’s tips for investment address the concerns and questions that those unfamiliar with investing may have. He has gone out of his way to make sure his advice and tips are the type that can be used by anyone. It does not matter if that person has never invested before and is interested in starting or if they grew up in a family that constantly made investments. His advice can be used by anyone interested in what he has to say.

If you are interested in looking into Brad’s advice and seeing what his goals are for the investment world, About.me provides you with all of that information and more. It is definitely the first place that you will want to stop at if you are just beginning to research investment options.  Otherwise, Brad’s CrunchBase page provides further enlightenment.