The Goettl Connection

I live in Phoenix, Arizona and if anyone doesn’t know already, the temperature can get pretty hot during the summer. One thing that is vital to any resident in Phoenix is air conditioning. Goettl Air Conditioning has become a known name here in the Valley. With their unique advertisements and growing reputation it’s definitely hard to forget who they are. Ken Goodrich, who bought the company back in 2012 has them going in the right direction. What I didn’t realize is just how deeply Goettl was struggling back then.

Goodrich Teams with Goettl to Serve Phoenix’s Needs for HVAC

The company was in a fight not only against itself, but against a lawsuit that internally crippled the entire organization. Goodrich was determined to revamp and reintroduce the company to the public. In his own words he says, “We created a vision for everybody, stirred up some excitement, and stressed that no one should be afraid to transact business.” He introduced a new installation process which requires the technicians to take a picture of the job and send it to Goodrich himself. He then inspects and approves what the technician has done and always makes sure to compliment the work his men do.

With a personal connection in the HVAC industry, Goodrich is determined to make Goettl the household name it deserves to be. With the temperatures in Phoenix reaching dangerous levels at times, the HVAC repair man becomes a hero. To me, Goettl wants to be that hero to answer the call for the city. I know I wouldn’t know the first thing to look for if my air conditioner wasn’t working. Goettl understands that, so even before they do any work they always provide the customer with an exact estimate as to what needs to be done. Goettl is a company that I can trust holds the value of the customer to a high regard.


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