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Thor Halvorssen’s Fight Against Tyranny

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist of Venezuelan and Norwegian descent. His name might evoke images of the hammer-wielding, mankind protecting, Norse God of thunder and Halvorssen is known for living up to that name.
According to Time.com, the 40-year-old established the HRF in 2005. The organization focuses on the freedom and rights of human beings across the globe. Thor is an enemy of any and all dictators as he believes everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, expression, and association. The Human Rights Foundation fights for liberty in the world’s most threatened areas, hoping to bring freedom from exile, torture, slavery, and coercion to all.
A “classical liberal”, fighting for human rights is in his DNA. Thor’s paternal grandfather, a consul to Norway’s king during World War II, diverted all of Norway’s merchant ships to Venezuela for protection during the war. A fistfight with several Nazi soldiers failed to deter him. Thor’s mother, a descendent of Venezuela’s first president, was wounded when a peaceful protest came under fire from government security officials. His father was tortured and almost murdered while incarcerated on trumped up terrorism charges in Caracas. Thor Halvorssen led the campaign for his release and his father became a director at the International Society for Human Rights.
“I love people” Thor has emphatically said. The people he surrounds himself with share his passion for equality and his bravery when it comes to facing adversaries. Garry Kasparov, Russian chess master and sworn enemy of Vladimir Putin, is chairman of HRF. He was detained and beaten by Russian police after protesting a band’s arrest. The band was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for writing an anti-Putin song.
Halvorssen himself was detained and brutalized by Vietnamese police. He was captured after sneaking into a monastery to conduct an interview with the patriarch of a banned church. Luckily, his cameraman was able to avoid authorities while concealing the video card.
Thor Halvorssen is not your typical activist. He is a midnight oil burning, get your hands dirty type of individual who won’t stop fighting for what he believes in.

Socialism Explained By Thor Halvorssen

Understanding socialism is something that can be difficult to do for many people who feel they do not have any personal experience of living and working under this political ideology. The rise of socialism has coincided with the candidacy of Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders declaring his bid for the Presidential nomination for the Democrat’s; in a bid to explain socialism to her viewers, Fox Business host Trish Regan turned to human rights activist Thor Halvorssen to provide an explanation of the definition of socialism for her viewers.

Trish Regan questioned Thor Halvorssen on a number of issues that she believes are important for her viewers to gain a better understanding of what socialism actually stands for. Halvorssen provided a concise definition of what socialism actually is in the many forms that can be seen across the world from academic options through to more political meanings of the ideology. Bringing the conversation back to the views offered by Bernie Sanders on socialism the rise of a new generation of voters who feel socialism is a good idea causes some concern for conservative voters.

Thor Halvorssen was quick to point out his agreement with Senator Sanders that socialism can prove successful when teamed with more mainstream policies in a democratic society, which has been seen in Northern European countries like Sweden and Norway. Despite his ongoing support for the candidacy of Sanders, Thor Halvorssen also understands the concerns many have for the issues that can be caused by a socialist government hijacked by those using the ideology as a mask for more nefarious reasons. In his native Venezuela the film producer has seen a large number of socialist and left leaning governments operate successfully for decades; however, recent socialist governments have used policies of price fixing that have led to vast personal profits amid growing humanitarian problems for the people of the nation.

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