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Keith Mann: A Man Of Action

Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners has never been shy or afraid to do something in his life. He has always had a very strong conviction and he has always gone the extra mile in certain situations. Some people are just built differently than others and that is the case with Keith Mann. He was built to help out people and be there for them. He takes a great deal of pride in that and he never takes a day off from that. He goes out and he gives it his all, each and every day. He likes to be able to look at himself in the mirror and know that he has done all that he can.


One area that is of extreme interest to him is the Uncommon School Districts. In many ways, the title is fitting for both the students and for Keith Mann. He is an uncommon man in that he goes the extra mile for others and truly cares about them. Not many people are built that way. A lot of people are built to just look out for themselves and not really be concerned with others. Keith Mann is unselfish, however, and is always looking to help people out whenever the chance is there for him.


As far as as the Uncommon School Districts, it is filled with uncommon kids. They are not like everyone else, and they need to be reminded that is a good thing. It means they are special and they are unique. Those are all good traits and qualities to have as a young man or young woman. Keith Mann probably sees a lot of himself in these kids. That is why he goes to bat for them and holds fundraisers for the Uncommon School Districts. This recent fundraiser raised over twenty-two thousand dollars.


Needless to say, that is nothing to sneeze at, and that is a lot of money that can go a long way when it comes to furthering their education and making sure they have the same shot as everyone else to attend college and truly make something out of their lives.

Handy Survives by Implementing Huge Changes Within a Short Time Frame

Many modern startups find that they cannot get their ideas off the ground because of prerequisite financing issues. Handy’s CEO Oisin Hanrahan was in a very tough position when he decided to pivot toward a different business strategy. Handy’s business model is relatively simple. The business finds jobs for cleaners and handymen. It then collects a booking fee. The business got into trouble because of the onboarding process that it uses. These were the costs associated with training new employees.

Oisin’s co-founder had been struggling with him over the direction that they needed to take the business. There were severe concerns over whether the business would be able to grow in the immediate future. There were worries that the niche that they were working in wouldn’t be able to raise enough capital to sustain itself. It wasn’t an issue with their business as much as it was a problem with the nature of the market that they were working in. At the time it seemed that even extremely successful niche markets were failing.

Hanrahan and his co-founder eventually did find a way to help their company survive. They ended up implementing their new onboarding process across every market they were working in. Handy’s ability to spend most of its earnings in the immediate future allowed it to gain a competitive edge within the markets it was operating in. These are usually telltale signs that a business is about to enter into a bubble. That was the case here. Handy’s strong management protected it from a complete financial collapse. The company was eventually able to outlive its biggest competitor. Handy was given a valuation of 500 million dollars at the end of 2015. The company looks strong on the books. It seems to have room for stronger growth in the future. Visit the website https://www.handy.com/services for more info.