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Status Labs is becoming an increasingly important part of the digital landscape and you might not even be aware that they exist. Status Labs is what we call an online reputation management firm where their focus is to help companies craft a public image while maintaining said image in the face of potential crisis. Darius Fisher, the President and CEO of Status Labs, is the brains behind the operation and one of the major reasons that the company is experiencing such explosive an successful growth.

Darius Fisher (http://www.prweek.com/article/1364574/darius-fisher-innovation-50) sat down with Reiva Lesonski, CEO of GrowBiz Media, in order to talk about what makes him tick and why his company has found so much success. If you want to know one thing about Fisher, thanks to this interview, you need to know that he is hyper focused and constantly prepared. Fisher says that his favorite quote is, “Chance favors the prepared mind” and that his focus in business is to find the “quickest line to the money”. Fisher’s focus on successful business building has become something to be admired as the company continues to expand outward.

There was a point in time where Status Labs didn’t have an assured future. In 2011 Status Labs was under public scrutiny thanks to the behavior of a former company president. Fisher was tasked with stepping in and taking charge. From 2012 to today we have seen Status Labs grow and expand by over 1,000% — getting named to the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list in the process. What this says is that both Fisher and the digital PR world are expanding at the same time, proving that there is something here to pick up on.

As an entrepreneur Fisher says that he chased the profession for the most common reasons: to become his own boss and to have freedom to travel. It wasn’t until he quit his copywriting job to focus on business that he really began to feel success. Now Fisher is a stalwart piece of the digital PR puzzle and we expect to see his hands all over the expansion of Status Labs into the future.

The Organo Gold Experience Comes to America

There are a host of people in the United States that are beginning to experience what Bernardo Chua has already brought into Asia. They are getting the chance to experience Organo Gold and all this company stands for. It is one of the most promising brands of beverages on the market today when it comes to healthy beverages.

Before Bernardo came along people were using coffee as a stimulant to help them wake up in the morning. People where taking a hold of the caffeine that was associated with coffee and using this to wake up.

It was not until Bernardo Chua made the decision to start putting an ingredient called the Ganoderma plant in place that people realized that they could expect more from coffee. In this day and age people have become quite fond of coffee from Organo Gold because this coffee has a healing agent.

Americans are slowly becoming aware of the coffee that has been a hit in Asia for years. Many people in Asia already knew about the healing properties of the Ganoderma mushroom. In America, however, this is something that is bold and new. People are excited to learn about this product. It is something that stands out and forces coffee consumers to realize it.

The Organo Gold brand has become popular because this brand also has skin care products and other things like toothpaste that all incorporate this healing mushroom ingredient. It has become something that consumers are talking about because they have never witnessed anything like this before.

It is this type of originality that has made Organo Gold one of the best direct selling companies on the market. People that cannot find this in stores are willing to do their homework in order to buy these Organo Gold products online.

Tech and Fashion’s Symbiotic Relationship

According to Christopher Burch, the world of technology and that of fashion have a symbiotic relationship when it comes to their growth. He goes on to add that whatever happens in the past and whatever is happening in the present in both worlds is an indicator of what lies in the future. A great example of a piece of technology that was fashionable in the past and it inspired the invention of its predecessors is the 70’s boom box. The boom box inspired the creation of the Walkman in the 90’s. Ten years after the 90’s, the need to have a similar experience as that given by the Walkman, but through a smaller gadget inspired the creation of the iPad. This was also a clear indicator of the growth of technology based on what was considered fashionable.
In our today world, fashion designers strive to create that which will stand out and they believe that the best way to do this is with technology. According to Anouk Wippercht, a Dutch fashion designer, marrying technology with fashion presents the designer with endless possibilities. Anouk is popular for her avant-garde designs.
In other cases, fashions grow via technology due to the need to protect people. An example is the airbag for cyclists created by Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin. An unopened airbag for cyclists, when compared to a helmet, allows better visibility while at the same time offers protection against injury. Another example is the Frontline Gloves credited to Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan. They help firefighters communicate through hand gestures more easily. Designers are also creating fabulous fashion using recycled materials and merging technology and fashion to create energy. Mr. Soledad Martin is working on shoes that can charge a cellphone while one is walking or running.
Technology has also been known to rely on fashion to gain popularity. For example, the stigma of wearing glasses had hampered the growth of Google Glass until Diane Von Furstenberg came to its rescue. The top-notch designer had her models wear glasses on the catwalk making them look fashionable and acceptable to the public.
About Chris Burch
Chris Burch was born in 1953 and is the CEO and founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is also a co-founder of Tony Burch LLC. Chris Burch achieved billionaire status in 2012 and in the same year Forbes magazine profiled him in The World’s Billionaires section.
Burch has served on several boards, which are the Roman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, The Continuum Group and Guggenheim Partners. He is also a charitable man having donated $1.3 million to the Tilton School in 2013. Chris is a former president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board.

Eric Pulier’s Career in the Computer Industry

Eric Pulier always has been interested in computers, and he first began programming them as a child. He was proficient with computer programming as a fourth grader, and he started his own computer programming business in high school. When he finished high school, he went to Boston to attend college. He holds a degree from Harvard, but he also has taken courses from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

When he moved out west, to Los Angeles, his career as a corporate leader began. While there, he started multiple companies in the computer technology sector. The name of his first company was People Doing Things. While this company was quite successful, he soon went on to start his second business enterprise. His new company, Digital Evolution, is still a widely known company. This company provides software to other businesses. Digital Evolution has grown, and it has changed names a couple of times. It is currently called SOA Software. As time went on, he continued to found more companies, such as Desktone.

He has done a lot of philanthropy. One very well known philanthropic effort is his assistance with the creation of an online community for children that suffer from diseases. This community, called Starbright World, has grown quite large and has helped many chronically ill children to connect with one another. He’s also made quite a few donations to philanthropic organizations, and he sits on a number of non-profit boards.

In addition, Eric Pulier is well known for the book he helped to write. This book has sold quite well both online and offline. Understanding Enterprise SOA has helped many companies to improve, and it is likely to be of assistance to many more businesses in the future.

@Facebook: Eric.Pulier

Gold Coins: Maintain Historical Value and Durability After Brexit

No matter what the economy says, indicates or does, it’s quite apparent that the recent pullout of Britain from the European Union (EU) provoked an unprecedented increase in the buying of gold coins. Dealers across Britain are seeing not only first time buyers, but experienced traders and knowledgeable people from all walks of life virtually stockpiling gold coins in anticipation of even more coming volatile economic times.

Equally unprecedented is the rate of speed that people are buying their gold coin acquisitions. One gold dealer stated recently, “We are seeing people convert as much as 40 to 50 percent of their net worth into physical gold, compared to the 5 to 10 percent in the past.”

Furthermore, the two weeks following the June 23rd vote saw a seven-fold increase in sales of the 100-gram bars with more than £4 million trading online at another gold trading firm–seven times the national weekend average.

Other Brit Markets Not Fairing As Well As The Gold Market

While it looks like its only going to get better for gold coin purchase buying in England, real estate property buying is looking dismal with unprecedented losses in frozen real estate assets–more that £18 billion of property funds frozen in early July following a tide of Brexit redemption requests.

History Repeats Itself

Holding true to being the proverbial “currency of kings” and a long-term hedge against just about anything economic in nature, gold once again proves its amazing track record. Throughout history, gold has held its own.

For centuries, gold distinguished itself in trade and exchange markets. During the times of a “gold standard,” almost all nations fixed their currencies against gold. In fact, gold surged the highest right after the 2008 global financial crisis that caused turmoil across world markets and boosting haven demands.

Germans have long known the effects of previous periods of hyperinflation and have insisted on maintaining a connection to gold as a tangible asset against currency fluctuations. That being said, Germans bought more than 100 tons of gold coins and bullions annually and spent more than $4.6 billion on gold purchases in 2015.

For better and more updated information, it is strongly advised you speak to a knowledgeable and reputable gold dealer or gold trade firm representative, such as those at U.S. Money Reserve. Call now at 1-866-646-8465 to see just how you can better leverage your economic outlook and future.

Learn about the Reserve’s Brexit gold coin

How to Maintain a Positive Online Reputation

It is essential for businesses to build a strong online presence. Furthermore, they need to closely follow their online reputation to ensure that it reflects the positive attributes of their establishment. A good online reputation attracts customers to your business while a bad reputation can severely hurt your bottom line.
It only takes one bad review to spark off a series of negative comments and publicity that will inevitably hurt your reputation. Effective online reputation allows you to always remain on top of any situation that arises – good or bad. Below are 5 simple ways to improve your reputation.

1. Follow Your Brand Closely

Brand Yourself and monitoring reviews allows you to know exactly what is happening with your reputation and control any positive or negative reactions that arise. There are several effective tools available that allow you to monitor your brand such as Mention. You may also choose to use Google alerts to see what online users post about you.

2. Update your Website, Blogs, and Social Media Pages

Relevancy is required if you want to rank well in search engine results. This means posting fresh content on a regular basis, implementing effective social media strategies and using white hat SEO tactics. If possible, outsource talent to help you with content creation because this allows you to concentrate on your business.

3. Use Strategic Response to Handle Bad Press

When facing bad press or a PR disaster, your first instinct will be to respond immediately to your detractors – don’t. It is better to buy yourself time to cool down, gather your thoughts and any other relevant information on the matter, and seek advice on how to manage your PR going forward. Do not respond negatively or attempt a cover-up.

4. Admit Mistakes and Fix Them

If your business made mistakes, admit it and start fixing them. While you do not need to go into details, owning up to mistakes and apologizing is the quickest way to prevent further fall-out and damage to your reputation. Afterwards, start working to win back your reputation and trust.

5. Build Strong Relationships Through Positive Interaction

After establishing your brand and online relationships, continue to engage your audience with useful content to build a strong fan base. This is because people will always defend what they love.


Why Thor Halvorsson Uses Political Troublemakers for His Causes

Thor Halvorsson, Venezuelan human rights activist, has produced powerful films that document individual liberty and public policy issues. Thor Halvorsson differs from many other human rights activists because he loves people and adopts a positive vision of the future.

In addition, he loves befriending political troublemakers and bringing them into his causes. According to Weekly Standard, Thor Halvorssen likes giving dissidents in society voices to protest injustices caused by tyrant dictators. He acts as a director for his activists and coaches them on effective ways to speak out against issues, such as writing about inhumane child labor practices or drawing cartoons of evil dictators. He believes that the dissidents are unafraid to go against society when it is necessary.

Halvorsson is the director of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). He built the non-profit organization to work on freeing people worldwide from injustices. HRF is staffed by 12 workers who cover important issues facing all nations and uses political prisoners to bring attention to their causes.

HRF also organizes the Oslo Freedom Forum, a group of conferences across the world, as a way for prisoners of conscience to exchange ideas on social justice and expose the cruelties of dictatorships. Many reporters specializing in human rights news have recognized the annual forums as must see events where dissidents speak out without hesitation.

Thor does not use celebrities to spread his messages. Instead, he uses the media and public forums to speak out against injustices. He also exposes celebrities who earn millions of dollars for private performances to tyrants to demonstrate their lack of principles and tarnish their public image. He also does not like to use businessmen to further his cause, because he feels they are only out to make a profit.

The Human Rights Foundation’s latest mission is to free the Korean people from generations of cruel dictatorships that have led to famine and brutal imprisonment for minor crimes. Halvorsson plans to use his troublemakers to put a spotlight on these civil rights atrocities, so significant changes can be made.

Lovaganza Is More Than Art

Lovaganza is an event where people from all around the world have the opportunity to expose their talent. Many cities worldwide are engaging in the same event at the same time. This event will help people get jobs in the arts because many potential employers are expected to be at these events all around the world. There will also be food from almost every nation at every single event; this is one of the special features people are looking forward to during the event.

Lovaganza’s event, however, goes far beyond the arts. There is much more to capture when attending this event. For example, there are going to be peace seminars at every event. These seminars are going to be put into effect to help all people from all nations live together in peace and harmony. Some of the best therapists and world leaders will be speaking in these peace events of Lovaganza. People will be able to go back to their country and city and develop new ways to allow peace to be put forth within the community.

There are going to be many organizations at this event where they are going to demonstrate how they are trying to bring about global peace on celebmafia.com. These demonstrations will be produced by videos, public speakers, flyers, and more. Some of these organizations are new and this will be their first event ever. However, a lot of these organizations are well-known throughout the entire world. Having these reliable organizations part of this event is making more and more people want to be part of it.

In addition to figuring out how to bring about peace throughout the world, a lot of this event will also be focused on hunger, too. In addition to the organization on euroweeklynews.com that will be participating to present ideas about peace, there will also be many organizations attending these events that will speak about stopping hunger throughout the world. Some of these organizations will talk about how schools and stores around the world should donate the leftover food on a daily basis to starving people within their community.

There are also going to be organizations available that will show people how they can fight hunger for under $1 a day. These too will be known organizations that people have highly respected for a great number of years. This is a positive event that has been put together to change lives. The people within all communities are those benefiting from this event.

Learn more about Lovaganza: http://lovaganza.wikidot.com/

Preparing For The Next Phase Of Shared Office Spaces in NYC

For the past few years, co-working has become very popular. As of right now, there is a plan to move forward for the next phase of growth. There has been a startup boom which has been the result of the changed economy. For one thing, co-working spaces offer a lot of new aspects of working culture to the individual. This is something that the real estate market has been gaining from it’s new sub sector which is experiencing a lot of growth and expansion. It has been hiding right in view for the past few years. However, people are beginning to notice these co-working spaces and begin to see the benefits that the culture is offering people.

One thing that co-working spaces like Workville have to offer that is different from the traditional workplace is the new business model. There are three characteristics that define the co-working space business model. For one thing, there are different offices, desk spaces, and businesses sharing the same floor. Also, the work space is a lot different from the traditional environment of the shared office space. There are plenty of other features for the business model which include moving in and out at short notice.

Another thing to look at is the strong business relationship between the creators. Business owners actually cooperate with each other as opposed to competing with each other. In places like Workville, strong relationships are formed. Also, the environment is a lot different from other workplaces. As a result, people actually look forward to working as opposed to experiencing the dread on the night before the work day. As people come to know more about this newer way of working, they will get to experience the advantage that they missed from the other forms of work. Concerning shared office space opportunities in New York, Workville is definitely one place that is worth trying for freelancers and other alternative workers.

Development Group in Trouble in New Brunswick

As New Jersey continues its work in recovering from the Great Recession, what’s clear is that not every recovery plan is working as hoped. Case in point is the redevelopment strategy proposed by The New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO), which proposed using public funds funneled through private companies that could develop major properties. While that all sounds like a great idea on paper, the reality of its difficulties has hit home.

A recent story in The Press of Atlantic City reported that The Middlesex County Improvement Authority has missed a $1 million loan repayment. The payment was for a $20 million loan from by the Casino Reinvestment Development authority for the development of The Heldrich, a hotel and convention center complex. The loan was granted in 2005, and The Heldrich opened in 2005. According to The Press of Atlantic City, the Improvement Authority now has missed payments adding up to $7 million.

The Heldrich hotel has not had an easy time since its opening in 2005. The hotel has 235 rooms but it has struggled to keep them occupied. The timing of the hotel’s opening was difficult, as it coincided with the beginnings of the real estate crash, followed by the Great Recession. The hotel has actually been so short on funding it has had to cover its own costs for new mattresses, carpeting and basic upkeep.

The attorney in charge of the development from the beginning is Christopher Paladino. Paladino has expressed his pride in the hotel, saying that the project turned a rundown area into something clean and very special. He also said he’ll be happier about the project overall once it is out of debt.